Learning at Stitches

I took the pattern charting class with Melissa Leapman, and I have to publicly thank Annette for convincing me to take the class. It was chock full of great information on how to chart my own traditional drop shoulder sweater with yarn of my own choosing. Melissa was a superb instructor with extreme attention to detail (just how I like it!), clear explanations, especially with the math, and a keen ability to keep things light at just the right place. When I had heard about the maths, I wasn’t worried because I do fine with numbers. My brain on maths at 8a is a *bit* squeakier than I remember, but we did just fine after a cup of coffee.

Melissa focused on how to knit a swatch, measure gauge, take measurements on a person, translate the measurements to the pattern and garment, and make minor modifications to create a modern garment. I hear tell that in past years there was a second part to the class, and surprisingly, I hope it will be offered in the future. I say surprisingly because I have never felt the allure of wanting to design my own garments. With the plethora of seasoned and up and coming designers, I like being neanderthal with the patterns: Me like looky pictures. Me point picture. Me knit.

However, I would certainly enjoy the extra bit of confidence boost in knowing I could create a modern well-shaped garment with feminine shaping on my own. You know the kind of garment I mean, the kind that enhances what we really look like underneath. Okay, maybe I’m just speaking for myself. If Melissa comes to your town to teach a class, I strongly suggest it. You’ll learn a ton.

Here’s a smidge of the yarn I promised you pictures of:

(center) 100% wool from Ireland, worsted weight in Butter, (l and r) same yarn in Pink Heathers. The Pink Heathers is for the Central Park Hoodie from KnitScene, and the Butter is just to have it because I have been drooling over this color for months. This was my number one target yarn purchase and I was ecstatic they were at Stitches. Marilyn was super friendly, helpful, remembered all of us throughout the long days of Stitches, and extremely open to new ideas and patterns on how to create more appeal and awareness with her yarn. She reinforces the good name that knitters have.
(l) Solana, superwash wool, worsted weight, (r) Primero, 100% mohair, can’t remember the weight. OMG, this stuff is heaven. I bought Solana, intended for a clapotis perhaps?, because it was super soft and squishy. I went back and bought the Primero because of the color play in the light and the incredibly softness and drape, especially for mohair.

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  1. Thanks for the info on the class you took with Melissa Leapman – I love her books and patterns, so I have always wanted to take a class with her. I’m glad to hear she is a good teacher as well. She seems like she would be from the explanations in her books.

    Love Brooks Farm Primero – have two colorways of it in my stash right now!

  2. Glad your class with Melissa was a success. Already I can see it: Dim Sum Designs!

  3. Sounds like Melissa’s class was great! LOVE the Brooksfarm, aren’t their colorways wonderful??

  4. The class sounds great- I’ve always liked her stuff, nothing fussy, but still fairly feminine and interesting. Since I’m pretty sure she won’t make it here, i’ll have to travel to see her some time. I love the yarns too! I’ve got the CPH on my list also. I wasn’t so excited about it at first, but the more I see FO’s the more I want to make it!

  5. I’m super glad you enjoyed the class…I have to admit I was a bit worried after twisting your arm like I did. 😉 But even if you never design your own pattern, the tools can be used to make changes in existing patterns. And I think you already have the knack for that! Love, love, love the yarns!

  6. Sounds like a great class. I’ll have to remember next year. Sorry I missed you all. I inadvertantly left you my home number instead of the cell. Duh. Of course the hubby told me about the message when he PICKED me up from the airport.. Oh well. I’ll see you all on a Wed soon.

  7. I loved my class with Melissa Leapman too! She was really a great instructor–the class I had was knitting fabulous borders.

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