I’ve Never Felt So Old

The other day, I accompanied Sweetie Boy and his class on a field trip to the Huntington Library and Gardens. We’re only about 15 minutes away, and it’s always such a pleasure to go here. If you have never been, this place is da bomb! They feature a wonderful museum with incredible works of art, including Blue Boy and Pinkie, an amazing book collection, and gardens upon gardens of beautiful flowers, plants and trees. I’m trying not to gush on and on about it because no words will do this place justice. If you’re coming to LA for a visit, you must see this place. It’s completely worth it, and if you want to treat yourself a bit, go to their tea room. It’s always great to stuff yourself with tea, scones, sandwiches, and dessert, and then roll yourself out to stroll among the gardens.

Anyhoo… after the field trip, Sweetie Boy’s homework assignment was to write 10 sentences using their spelling words for the week. He typed them up on my computer, and this is what I spied:

The portrait of Blue Boy was my geriatric mother’s favorite painting.

What the…??? He’s gonna get it now.

P.S. Wicked is stalled. I cast off on the waist band, and just have the 2 sleeves to finish. I went to the stash to get the last ball, but apparently I used it already! I didn’t realize that I went through all six balls of yarn, but my Angel, Marie, is kind enough to share one with me from her stash. Thank you, Marie! I’m swatching for the Central Park Hoodie with my Black Water Abbey yarn I got at Stitches. Wish me luck!


7 responses to “

  1. What’s the appropriate punishment for a school related insult? Cleaning his room, or maybe the bathroom? Cause, you know, geriatric moms shouldn’t have to do such things…
    The other day my friend’s 4 year old told me I was fat. He said it with such a sweet face too.
    Did you do the shaping on Wicked? I’m doing double decreases on both sides. The asymetrical thing bothers me.

  2. Good luck swatching CPH!!!!

    That’s all.

  3. BWHAAA!!!

  4. Ha! So funny. Was your son just trying to utilize his new-found vocabulary words for the week?
    Oh well, all of us old-folks love gardens, especially the Huntington!

  5. Man if you are a geriatric mom….I don’t even want to think about me. That is just too funny. I was just at the gardens a couple of weeks ago for the first time in years. It was so great and I felt geriatric after walking around for 5 hours!

  6. Oy 😉 This is a scream indeed 😉

    Dipsy D.

  7. You are so not geriatric….but you can use this one against him for a loooong time!

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