My First Hedera

Here they are, the first Hedera sock is done. I finished it yesterday and hurried to cast on the second sock. I made the first sock on dpns, and I started the second on 2 circs. The jury is still out on whether I’m going to keep going on 2 circs or switch back to dpns. Both are different kinds of fiddly, but fiddly all the same. I might have to order a pair of those clover mini circs and see if I like those. Sigh… will I never be satisfied? That’s not exactly true. I am satisfied with the lace pattern on these socks. Here’s a close up view of the lace. The color is a bit washed out; it’s limey-er, more like the picture above.

Robyn, my Secret Pal hostess with the mostest is holding a contest. What’s your favorite knitting notion. Behold!

It’s my silk fortune cookie that holds my stitchmarkers. I love that it holds all of my beautiful stitchmarkers and opens wide enough for me to see them. I love that it just takes a little squeeze to even open them, but they stay closed and secure in my notions bag. I especially love that it’s just a repurposed coin purse but has that asian dim sum vibe going for it.

I definitely wrestled with this question. Would it be my Susan Bates needle gauge? My clover ka cha just because I love that darned sound it makes? (So do my 6 year old daughter and 81 year old mother, both of whom love to pick it up and click away without any thought about its purpose.) My second favorites are my stitchmarkers that are really size 8 jump rings. These little gems cost $1 for 100 of them and are the easiest things to slip from one needle to the other without having to flip the dangly (beautiful but fiddly dangly)? Don’t get me wrong. I so love beautiful stitchmarkers. I love having them, their beautiful colors, gems, beads and motifs. I love looking at them and imagining using them on grand projects. I also love these jump ring stitchmarkers because there’s something beautiful in the simplicity of the plain ring. Melise turned me onto them about a year ago when I was doing lace for the first time. I bow down to her knitting wisdom.

9 responses to “

  1. ooh i love your little fortune cookie! so smart!

    and your sock is stunning!!

  2. Hedera is oh so pretty. Lace. Socks. Love.

  3. Thank for for the compliment!

    Great accessory post!

  4. Great sock! And good job on starting the second right away – it always makes things just a little easier.

  5. Your Hedera looks so beautiful in this most amazing colourway – fantastic job! I did them last year and remember the pattern very vividly – I enjoyed it so much that I’ll definitely make a second pair!
    And gosh, I so adore your little fortune cookie, it’s divine indeed!

  6. Love the colorway of those socks! They match a shirt I have. What is the yarn?

  7. That darn fortune cookie is just too cute! I think I have a set of those little snowman markers…SWAG right? The idea about the jump rings is a revelation for me. I plan to start some lace in the near future and I bet this advise will save me some headaches….thanks for passing that along. Oh, and the Hedera looks fabulous!

  8. Hedera is gorgeous! It’s on my list. 😉 I luv, luv, luv the lemongrass. Your fortune cookie is perfect. Very fitting for Dim Sum Knitting.

  9. Hedera looks lovely!! Must try that soon…..
    I love your little fortune cookie – so sweet. I have beautiful stitch markers that I don’t use just becos they are too beautiful!

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