On Thursday, the Sweeties and I went to the new Beard Papa that opened up near us. Food and Knitting Guru Patty told me about it, and I had read a great article about the Japanese chain in the LA Times. Imagine my surprise, when I came home armed with digital pics, ready to blog and saw Ellen had scooped me with her Beard Papa post. No problem! Just call us the cream puff army spreading the love. So here are the pictures taken with the goal of making you drool.

My kids claimed to not like them. I have these pictures to prove otherwise. And the cream puffs were even more delicious than they look. Patty was right; the chocolate custard cream was grainy. The vanilla cream was divine.
I swear I don’t know where she learned this stuff-food-into-mouth technique.

Who taught this boy how to eat?
This morning, Sweetie Girl participated in Nordstrom’s Kids’ Fashion Show. Seems they have these every season or so, and she did this with five other Brownie troop friends. Here she is strutting her stuff down the runway.

Aaaaaand there she goes.

She didn’t stop on the stage long enough for me to snap a picture of her. She’s been a jumpin’ bean from excitement these past two weeks up until the Fashion Show, and got nervous or scared when the actual time came. Huh. Go figure. At the end, they had all the kids line up and walk through one more time and pose for pics.
What did we get out of this? 15% off kids clothes at Nordies. She picked a skirt, but the best thing IMHO she chose? These.

Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Hers are more orangey. She’s my kinda funky gal.
Have a great weekend y’all!


9 responses to “

  1. Your kids are gorgeous and that food looks amazing!

  2. Look at SG strike a pose! And her Chucks are spiffy.

    Cream puffs. Yum.

  3. She looks great up there on the catwalk. Cute shoes…I hear orange is going to be popular this spring/summer. Judging by your pics, they definitely liked the cream puffs!

  4. Love the Nordstrom fashion show pics!!

  5. Creampuffs are the food of the gods! Glad to see that your sweeties ate ’em up! Great pics and good review! Maybe we can start a craze…Creampuffs across Los Angeles and nearby counties!

  6. Creampuffs rock! I am going to get over there soon, but so far I’ve resisted temptation. And how cute is SG in her fashion show debut? She will remember this for a long time, and it’s probably going to leave enough of an impression that she WON’T want to grow up to be a model!

  7. Your kids are so cute – and gosh, that food looks yummy!

  8. Cream puffs. Yummy! SG eats them like I would! She is looking gorgeous strutting her stuff.

  9. She’s got good taste to pick out those chucks!
    Beard Papa is a big weakness – you can’t eat just one!!!

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