March Socks are Done!

And I didn’t wait until 11:45p on the last day of the month either. What a surprise. I finished these last night, a whole 2 days early compared to last month. These were a delight to knit. I loved almost all of it, especially the pattern, the yarn, the colors. I did one sock one dpns and the other sock on 2 circs to see if I preferred one method over the other. Thing is, I didn’t. I got bored with each method by the end of the sock. Hmmm, what gives? Am I destined to never be happy knitting socks on tiny needles? I’m curious about the Clover mini circular needles, so I’ll see if I can scare up a pair of those in size 4s, the smallest size, and try them out with heavier yarn. Maybe I’ll like that better. Maybe not.

Project: Hedera socks by Cookie A.
Yarn: Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight in Lemongrass
Needles: Inox dpns US size 2 (that are really size 1 according to the needle gauge) for the first sock, and Addi Turbo circs US size 1 and KnitPicks Options classic circs US size 1 for the second sock
Start: Feb 24, cast on at Stitches West
Finish: March 29

Thoughts: This pattern rocks and that’s because Cookie is a freakin’ genius. Of course, I have no clue about lace or sock patterns; I can only follow the directions and even then it’s a challenge for me. I am amazed that I was able to do lace and socks at the same time! The socks are a little bit big, and maybe that’s because I knit loose. Doesn’t matter, I still love the socks. I’ll wash ’em in the washer and toss them in the dryer for a bit to see if it tightens a little bit.

This was my first experience knitting with STR and I really enjoyed the feel of it. I tend to split my yarns easily from picking at my yarns and it seemed as if I split the STR less than other yarns. The exception was when I was using the super pointy KnitPicks Options. I really had to make an effort not to poke into the yarn and to be sure to grab the whole strand.

I really didn’t mind doing the top-down sock construction as much as I thought I would. The lace pattern was easy to remember and helped pass the time as you zip down the leg. Even though I knit loosely, the stockinette bottom doesn’t feel too loose or flimsy. In fact, the fabric feels like just the right amount of tightness for durability without feeling too stiff. I have a little bit of leftover yarn, just right, I would imagine, after finishing socks, without feeling like any of this wonder yarn is wasted.

Next up, I’m thinking I’ll try toe-up Jaywalkers. Or Wendy’s toe-up sock recipe. Or maybe a Socks Soar on Two Circs Cat Bordhi pattern. Or…


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  1. Love the socks – an awesome looking colourway too!

  2. Yay you! You’re really rockin’ out on the socks–you’re an inspiration, even to this non-sock-knitter. Maybe I need to push myself to finish one thing a month, huh?

  3. I love the color. One day I hope to do 1 sock a month too.

  4. Beautiful! It looks like the STR lemongrass and the pattern really compliment each other.

    I am almost done turning the heel on my Rockin’ sock club sock #2. Maybe I’ll even post a picture on my poor ignored blog!

  5. Great color! I’ve got a bright pair of Hederas, too. Love Cookie’s pattern!

  6. Yay for Cookie! Yay for STR Lemongrass! Yay for Hedera! Yay for you!

    Your socks are righteous.

  7. Thanks for this critique of the Hedera pattern, it is in my knitting queue and I love hearing about others experiences before knitting the pattern myself… know, learn from other. That STR Lemongrass is soooooo juicy and shows the lace pattern perfectly.

  8. Congrats on your purdy socks. I love them! I’m definitely going to order some of that lemongrass yarn.

    Now you have to find some great shoes to show off those beauties. They’re too pretty not to!

  9. I’m so glad to see the Hedera in a varigated yarn. I love myself some Cookie A’s patterns! (Oh my gosh, have you seen her new website?!) I have some colorful yarn and was wondering what it might look like to use with that pattern. THANKS! Also, I use the two circular needle method, as I dislike the dpns, but do yourself the favor and get the book from the library. The method is relatively simple and with the number of gorgeous free sock patterns it’s not really a “good” buy. Mainly, the cost is due to the 6 or so patterns, some of which are nice. So I suppose if you feel the need to support your fellow knitters it’s worth it. Good luck!

  10. Your Hederas look fantastic! Wow, what a beautiful colourway, it made me think of summer and sun and beach life and cocktails – all those goodies 😉 Awesome work – and I agree, Cookie is a genius!

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