The new colors for Project Spectrum have arrived, along with the coming of April and Spring. Green, yellow and pink are featured for the next two months, and I am a happy girl. The challenge will be incorporating some yellow, but I’m sure I can figure out something.

Here’s the newest OTN project. Argosy from Knitty Winter 2006. I’m using Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy, stash yarn actually. Last year during a WEBS order, I had gotten a bit curious about alternative yarns and ordered some soy, hemp and bamboo. Happily, Argosy came along and one of the samples was even knit up with the Hempathy. Here’s a close up of the blocks that are forming. I’m not usually into geometric designs, but this one is so fascinating how it knits up, even Sweetie Hubby expressed interest in it.

I’m trying to get used to knitting from a chart. It’s not too hard; my brain just has to get used to the extra step at first of translating the symbols, but once you get it, you got it. Argosy has had a few challenges along the way, and those challenges definitely show up in the project. I’m hoping after it’s done, blocked, pinned and softened, it won’t show up much. It’s a gift so we’ll see if the finished product is gift-worthy.

Happy Spring Break! We’re off on a little holiday. Hawaii, here we come. Aloha!


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  1. Aloha!! Enjoy.

  2. Argosy looks like a fun pattern, and is knitting up pretty in your pink Hempathy.

    Have fun in Hawaii!

  3. This looks absolutely beautiful already – and the pink rocks big time, perfect for spring I’d say!

  4. Argosy is pretty in pink. Have a great time in Hawaii!

  5. The grid is good…always pleasing. I’ve been fascinated with this pattern ever since it showed up on Maybe I’ll try it too.


  6. Aloha. When are you coming back from Hawaii? I think our planes might be passing each other in the night. We leave the 10th. I’m not thinking there are alot of yarn stores in Hawaii???? Tropical rain + wool = yuck! Argosy is coming along well. What luck with the new PS colors……I love that combo. I’m not part of this, but will enjoy seeing everyones pinks, greens and yellows this month.

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