We’re back from Hawaii and exhausted. How is it you’re supposed to recover from the exhaustion of everyday life by going on vacation, but do so much you’re exhausted? Oh yeah, I went on vacation. I can’t complain. Hawaii was freakin’ incredible! See that picture up there? I took it on my itty bitty little camera. Love it. It was sundown on the beach and we were at a luau. The kids were on a canoe ride, so I snapped a few. I like that one ‘cuz it’s kind of artsy fartsy.

“Knitting?” you ask. Pish tosh. “Yarn shopping?” you inquire? Did you ever think I would respond that way to any questions about knitting and yarn? I guess we were having too much fun to do much of either. I knit throughout the week on Argosy but didn’t stress over it. Hey, at least I got good enough where I have the pattern memorized and can even recognize the boo-boos. And I had plenty of opportunities to learn how to fix the boo-boos. I’ll post a picture later if I get around to it.

As for the yarn shopping, I made it to one store in Kailua that was also called The Christmas Store or some nonsense like that. They had one little room crammed with novelty yarn and Patons acrylic. I high-tailed it out of there so fast that I melted my Hawaiian shave ice! Holy Drip, Batman. There. That’s the extent of the yarn content of this post. As a consolation, here are a couple of pictures of some incredible waves we saw at Waimea Beach.

There was a riptide, so the lifeguard recommended against any kidlets getting in the water. The crazy head in the picture? Not us. We watched from afar and then headed to a calmer beach. It was a popular beach… popular with the sea turtles, that is. More about that later.

BTW, just saw that Allison has opened up Sockapalooza 4 sign-ups. Has anybody done this before? Anybody interested in doing it with me? Could be fun. You know, knock out your Sockapalooza sock and a Sockamonth at the same time?


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  1. Welcome back! I also needed a vacation after my vacation. Hawaii sounds amazing. J and I are saving Marriott points for a trip there sometime in the future (airfare alone from the east coast will kill the budget…).
    I just signed up for sockapalooza 4! A little scary- sharing knitting with someone who doesn’t know to forgive all my screwups, but I’m ready to try! Glad Vacation was so great.

  2. Welcome back!! You’re pictures are amazing. I can feel the tension melting away just looking at them and imagining I’m there. Glad you had fun!

  3. Wow your pics are great! I LOVED Hawaii so much I didn’t want to come home. Glad you had so much fun!

  4. Looks and sounds like you had a great trip–glad you decided to come back! And I don’t think a vacation has to be about finding yarn shops or knitting–hey, that’s for home! Unless the vacation is Stitches, I guess, and then it IS all about the yarn! (And who told Unraveled to put all their Colinette on sale anyway?? I was going to be soooo good…)

  5. Aloha! Welcome back!

    Your vacation sounds and looks picture perfect, the way a vacation should be.

    Can’t wait to see more photos – Sea turtles! Luaus! Beaches! Buff surfer dudes!

  6. Welcome back! Oh my gosh, these awesome photos!!! I’d give a lot to be there these days – I’d actually go to Hawaii in an instant if I had the chance! But one day… one day!!! I’m so glad to hear that you had so much fun on your trip there – and I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple more pics 😉 *hint hint*

  7. Welcome back…just got back myself. Wasn’t Kauai fabulous?!! I couldn’t find the yarn store, but sounds like it was not worth the time.

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