WIP Report

I’m going to try to do a weekly WIP Report. Not too exciting, but at least it’ll be *some* knitting content on this blog.

Here are the socks I’m working on for SAM 3. They’re using Sweet Georgia’s Speed Demon Sock Yarn in the Elf colorway. I’m using a no-recipe toe-up and short row heel. Last night, I finished turning the second heel. I haven’t used hand-dyed yarn too much for socks before, so I am experiencing the expected pooling. I decided to put the more dramatic pooling on the sole of the foot. Now, all I have left are the legs and they’ll be done.

After these socks, it’s back to Argosy, the hempathy scarf. This is the one I was making for my Hawaiian host friend. I have 8 more increases before the homestretch, the last chart with the final set of decreases. I’ll have to remember to post a WIP photo of it too.

Before I started the Sweet Georgia socks, I knit up a pair of broken rib wristwarmers for a friend’s 40th birthday gift. I used the Capistrano Fiber Arts wool and silk yarn that KnitDevil Madge had picked up for me, and they were a tactile dream. I literally cast off, wove in the ends, wrapped it in tissue paper and took off for the party, so alas, I have no picture to show. I’ll have to get the giftee to model them for me.

That’s the WIP Report for this week. Go forth and conquer!


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  1. Very cool yarn- I even like the dramatic pooling. What’s the gauge on the yarn?

  2. I like the colors. They look tie-dyed the way they’re knitting up. Very cool. I’d love to see the wrist warmers in the Capistrano Fibers if you can swing it.

  3. Woo, looks like fun!!

  4. Very nice! I love that yarn, as I’ve mentioned before!

  5. Love the Sweet Georgia Demonsock yarn. I have 1 skein left. Boo Hoo. Hope she is back soon.
    I think you’ll have your SAM 3 April socks done before the end of the month

  6. Lady Misty Morn

    Bee-ewe-tea-full! I lurve the color and the pooling.

  7. Hey, you’re using your birthday SGSDE. Yay. Whoa, lots of pooling…hope you’re okay with that. 🙂 Chalk another SAM3 month off successfully.

    Because I’m so mature I have all these stupid jokes about hemp, which I’ll spare you. But dude, I wanna see Argosy when it’s finished.

  8. Those socks look great…..I happen to like the pooling of handdyed yarn, it makes for interesting, one of a kind effects. I love how you just never know what will happen. Hope you can get a pic of those wrist warmers, I would love to see.

  9. Great idea with the WIP report! I like the Elf socks–but I’m good with pooling. And besides, they are very Project-Spectrum-y. So you are doing a double project!

  10. Awww, gorgeous – what a totally cool colorway! I really like the pooling, it’s so unique and, yes, as Silvia said it, dramatic indeed!

  11. I think the socks look great!

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