Wednesday WIP Report

Here’s CPH, dug out from the basket, picked up, and dusted off. I’m past the underarm shaping part. (Sorry, Madgik; I couldn’t bring myself to call it the pits.) I’m working on the last bit of the back. I reached the end of the first ball of the Black Water Abbey yarn yesterday evening, so I wound up more yarn this morning. I was optimistic, though, and wound up two more skeins of yarn, in anticipation of the fronts.

Argosy is bathed, primped and ready for her big reveal. Here she is:

Project: Argosy from Knitty Winter 2006
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in the pinky rose color, less than 2 balls
Needles: KnitPicks Options US size 4 and Bryspun circs US size 4 (but only because I left the house without the Options tips)
Start: March 30
Finish: April 30 (with about a 2 week break in the middle)

Thoughts: Yes, the yarn feels like you’re knitting with string, but so did the Debbie Bliss 4-ply cotton when I made Orangina. The Hempathy really softened up tremendously from her long, luxurious soak. When I laid her out to dry, I didn’t pin her because I couldn’t find my pins. So I just pulled here and there until I liked the look of her, and let her air dry. I think the corners look nice even without the precision that needles would have given.

As for the pattern, it’s a very interesting design and easy to remember after a few repeats. Knitting on the diagonal always blows my mind because I would *never* dream of creating something this way. Okay, granted I never dream of creating anything but that’s besides the point. The geometry and construction of it really make it an engaging knit. I recommend it to those of you who are even the least bit curious about it. It’s one of those patterns that isn’t hard to do at all, but when people see the finished product, you get tons of compliments because of its unique construction. I’m off now to pack it up and send it off to my friend Joanne in Hawaii. Aloha, Argosy!


6 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Argosy really looks nice! I love Hempathy, and I can’t believe you didn’t have to block it to look like that!!

  2. Pink, pink, pink! Lovely!

  3. I love that scarf! The lightness is also great for Florida, so yes, it’s on my list…

  4. Dipsy Doodle

    What a really beautiful Argosy you did – it looks fantastic in that colorway!

  5. You’re Argosy came out great! Perfect color for Project Spectrum too. I love it!

  6. Me again – I forgot about CPH. You’re really trucking along. It looks gorgeous!

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