Bulky Moss Rib Gauntlets

Here is the lovely Keri, who has recently celebrated her 39th birthday (again!). She is modeling her wristwarmers which were handmade for her with love. Yes, these are the ones I didn’t have time to snap a photo of before wrapping up and rushing to her surprise birthday party.

Project: Bulky Moss Rib Gauntlets by Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio
Yarn: Merino Wool and Silk by Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio Handpainted Yarns in Thistle colorway, 2 skeins.
Needles: KnitPicks Options US size 6, 2 circs method
Start: April 18
Finish: April 21

Thoughts: Quick and easy pattern, but not the “fast and wrong” kind. This yarn is super squishy and scrumptious; very high on the luxurious factor. KnitDevil picked up a couple of skeins of this yarn for me at the Madrona Fiber Festival last year, because when we visited La Petite Knitterie, they didn’t have anymore of this decadent yarn. I was waiting for the right time to knit this up into something special. When I received the invitation to Keri’s surprise birthday party, I knew it was the perfect occasion. Keri and I had talked before about wristwarmers for her and even discussed her color preferences, autumn colors. I was so pleased to find the perfect occasion to knit up this incredible yarn. These are definitely a two thumbs up yarn and pattern.


6 responses to “Bulky Moss Rib Gauntlets

  1. I love the color of the yarn you used for the gauntlets – I’ve never heard of the yarn either. LOL at “quick and easy but not fast and wrong.” I can sooo relate to the fast and wrong part. Could apply to other aspects of life too back from my single days (LOL again.)

  2. Lovely indeed!! Must be nice to have a knitter with great yarn taste as a friend….

  3. Ooh, that yarn knit up swimmingly. Lovely gloves for a lovely friend!

    P.S. Twern’t Madrona, but the SoCal Handweaver’s fiber show. Sorry.

  4. Beautiful yarn! They look great- you have a very lucky friend. And, I love the quick and easy but not fast and wrong….

  5. Dipsy Doodle

    Awww – these are gorgeous! The color of the yarn you’ve been using is so great, and the pattern seems to be just perfect! Great work!

  6. Very nice! I can tell how soft and cozy they are just by looking at them. Love the colors too. I’m going to have to visit that store in OC next time I’m in the area.

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