I’m Just a Spectator

Mehitabel and KnitDevil were crazy enough to get into a “I can knit my CPH faster than you” contest with Seattle Marie. Yes, the same speed demon Seattle Marie who made it to the semifinal round of the Knit Off ’07. They’ve been posting their progress updates, and I’ve been enjoying reading about theirs, as I plod along slowly. Lady Marie was wondering where I am on my CPH, which I will gladly show, but I am not touching that challenge gauntlet with a ten foot pole or anything else. NosirreeBob… and don’t call me Bob.

I am close to turning the second cable on both fronts, which I am knitting at the same time. KnitDevil’s Black Water Abbey yarn felted when she worked on both fronts at the same time, so I’m trying very hard to keep the yarn separate. That’s right; two Go Knit pouches, one in red and one in camo to separate the two. I got both from Scout, who does a superb job of sending them off to you quickly. So far, so good; no accidental felting yet. And I’m still not racing against the three of you crazies.

Sweetie Girl and I had a girls’ weekend in San Jose, visiting her best friend whose family moved up there a couple of months ago. No yarning was had by me, but I did have a little time to work on CPH. When I returned home, though, there was a sa-weet! package waiting for me. It was my April installment for PureKnits’ Yarntini Sock Club. And you may have read about it already on Sknitty’s blog, but I will tell you again. This stuff rocks.

Beautifully wrapped package.

Ooh, look at all the stuffs!

A closer look at Misocrafty’s most excellent project bag. The color and fabric are perfect for the theme. I hate to say it, but the project bag is almost a little bit better constructed than my Piddleloops bag. And people, I have to say I *love* my Piddleloops bag. I love all of it, except how the fabric and interfacing have that always wrinkled look because it got smooshed in its travels to me. This Misocrafty bag, however, was folded nicely when it arrived to me, unfolded beautifully, and has kept its shape magnificently. No unsightly wrinkles.
More excellent swag, especially a Lucy Neatby book! I don’t have one of those so I’m excited to peruse it this evening. Also some nice lip balm and a sample of Soak woolwash in the citrus scent. I love this scent of Soak so much that I already have a big bottle of it.
Gorgeous blue stitchmarkers from Sarkasmo. Check out her shop on etsy!
And of course, the Pièce de résistance. Yarntini’s superwash fingering weight merino in Pure Breeze stripe. I’m really loving this whole package, I tell ya. This aqua torquoise theme is perfect for spring and it makes me happy happy happy!

5 responses to “I’m Just a Spectator

  1. Lucky you, just being a spectator! As it is, you’ll probably finish before me–packing and last-minute errands are taking up all my time! Nice stuff you and Sknitty got from Yarntini–but I’m resisting. Oh yes. Resistance…

  2. I’m part of the Yarntini sock club too! I love it as much as you do 🙂

  3. Who’s a crazy?

    Your CPH is so pretty, and you’ve been making good progress. You could totally join in on the contest; you know how long it takes me to finish a sweater!

    *maniacal laughter*

  4. Knitting both fronts at the same time…….brilliant!! I just cast on the CPH back a few days ago and for sure will be doing the fronts at the same time, that way I can be sure they are the same size. Thanks for the advise on watching for felting too!! What yarn are you using?

  5. I say go on and join in the challenge! 😉 You can totally catch up with your quick needles and determination. Fun loot from your Yarntini Sock Club. I might have to consider joining that one next time it’s open for sign-ups.

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