Wednesday WIP Report

It’s not too exciting. I’m warning you now. Don’t get your hopes up. Here’s the progress on CPH thus far.

That’s both fronts of CPH being worked at the same time. Slow go, no? To stir things up a bit, here’s a look at just the left front.

Everybody, including moi, thinks it looks like a sleeve. Hopefully, it will almost double in size when blocked, and the wonkiness will go away. I told you it wasn’t too exciting.

In the meantime, I’m dreaming of my next project. Will it be the Lace Wings Sea Silk resurrected for another bout? Maybe Sea Silk for Branching Out? Maybe the Flower Basket Shawl? Oh yeah, I have to start my May socks for SAM3 soon too. Better go dig around in the stash for that. Have a great week.


4 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Don’t you worry, it will block out, and the button band is about 1.5 inches on both sides, so you get an extra 3 inches. Yay for boob coverage!

  2. I’m all for boob coverage. It’s a good thing on most of us.

    Have you reached that grueling is it over yet? stage? If so, head directly to Flower Basket. It’ll cure what ails ya.

  3. Oh, but it’s coming along, and you’re that much closer to finishing it! Can’t wait to see it in all its glory then!

  4. It’s coming along. I still think you can catch up and join the challenge! 😉 That color is going to look great on you. Can’t wait to see the FO!

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