My Cables Are Mis-crossed

I realized I crossed the cables wrong on all of the cable sections of both fronts. Somehow, I managed to switch the fronts.

I’m so talented, I don’t even know how I accomplished this. I just remember being really confused at some point. This was the result, obviously. So, wrongly thinking I was on the left front, I held the stitches to the back and turned a left front cable, instead of a right front cable. I did the same on the left side too. I realized this when I was about to turn the next cable, ten rows later. I did not surgically correct it, like January One did on her CPH. I did this instead.

Luckily, no eyes were put out and no limbs were lost. Here’s how she looked after the little fix it.

We’re back on track now and I have begun the armhole shaping on the fronts.

I ordered some stitchmarkers from Zero Markers on Sunday as gifts for Secret Pals, and this is what I received in the mail this week.

Sknitty originally turned me onto these markers, and I adore them. I got my first set at Stitches West at the Bay Area Coop Booth (where Cookie and Kristi were selling their stuff), and I love getting more new styles each time. They really are like jewelry for knitting. Aija even included the four extra stitchmarkers as extra little gifties, along with a hand-written note. I really love the colors and the simplistic beauty of these markers.

7 responses to “My Cables Are Mis-crossed

  1. ooooh i love all your zeros!!

    and don’t you just hate (knitting) surgery? so not as cool as gray’s anatomy makes it look.

  2. I will admit, despite the sinking feeling I get when I realize the error, I really enjoy the challenge of fixing without ripping. Gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride. Your fix looks very well done!

  3. Nicely fixed. I had about a 20 stitch repair 15 rows back yesterday- luckily the top and I survived. Cute stitch makers. For some reason I’m convinced I’ll snag everything if I use them. My yarn gets enough abuse already.

  4. Great save there! Whew. You’re making some headway with your CPH, too. Yay.

    Zero love.

  5. Now, that’s of course the perfect way to fix these cables – you did a truly awesome job with that indeed! Congrats! And my – I love the stitch markers!

  6. Oh My, I would have just left them that way!

  7. Yay! I’m glad you like the markers 🙂 Hope your pals dig them!

    (…and I was actually glad to hear others’ reports on the weird vibe @ stash… i always think its just me!)

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