Wednesday WIP Report

Happy Wednesday to All! I don’t know why I’m feeling chipper. Maybe because yesterday was Seattle Marie’s birthday? (Happy Birthday, Friend!) Maybe because I’m happy for TC Marie who is vacationing in France, even though we miss her? Last we heard, she was Avignon bound on the high-speed train. (Go girl, go!) I dunno. Maybe because I can post and know there are about 7 or 8 of you who will read it, and then I’ll actually get some email from real live people.

Onto the WIP report…

CPH’s back is drying on the blocking board. Next up, will be the two fronts. Am I ready to seam yet? No, I’m not there yet, although I’m living vicariously through Seattle Marie. I’ve just done five increases on both sleeves that I’m doing at once, but I know once that those sleeves are done, I’m gonna wanna work on the hood somethin’ fierce. I even talked Madgik into blocking hers too, so we can be prepared. Semper Fi. That’s what I always say. Okay, not really, but I’m a bit chipper right now. Please bear with me.
Here are said sleeves in progress.
These are my May socks for SAM3. I’m doing a generic toe-up sock. However, instead of doing the usual Priscilla Gibson Robert short-row heel, I’m trying the heel from Wendy’s generic toe-up sock pattern. Thanks, Chrispy, for the advice. so far, one heel done and no gaping holes at the join. I still have the second sock to make and try the technique again, so I’ll be cautiously optimistic.
I’m using Regia Cotton, doubled, and will probably make them ankle socks. They’ll be a gift for my friend, San Jose Steph, because my tootsies were cold when we were up there last weekend. I’m assuming hers must get cold too. Not sure why they look freakishly long (and don’t say it’s because my feet are freakishly long. They may be, but TMI!). The color is a bit pinker in real life. Funny how I can work on a sock and not notice the striping, until I see a picture of it. Does that make me far-sighted or near-sighted? Short-sighted? Color blind? I hope not.
Have a great week!

7 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. I’m suddenly drooling over your CPH color choice. Man I love me some pink. Glad you’re feeling chipper! It’s cheering me nicely 🙂

  2. Isn’t it nice to feel chipper!!! Good for you. Your CPH is awesome. I’m working on the back of mine and love seeing someones progress ahead of me.

    Love the pink toe up, youre friend is very lucky. You know, I have really become fond of the toe up, I just realized with the current toe ups I am doing (only my second pair) that there is no gussett picking up….SQUEE!! OK, so I’m a slow learner.

  3. Have fun at BSK! I certainly have, more than a few times. It really makes me feel chipper when I look at all the deals I’ve managed.

  4. Great looking back to the CPH- I saw a picture of a CPH where the person continued the cabling up the hood, and it looked great. I don’t think the pattern includes it, but when I make mine, I may (try to) include it. Very cute socks too. Im making baby socks, and short rows definitely have elminated the holes. I may be a convert.

  5. I’m glad you’re feeling chipper too! I love it when that happens, especiialy when there isn’t an obvious reason for it. You simply feel chipper. 🙂 Ooooh, your CPH is looking sassy. You’re almost to the hood! And I love the colorway on those socks. Your friend is a lucky one indeedy!

  6. So many good reasons to be happy – wheeee!

    Thanks again on keeping me focused and moving forward on CPH. Having our backs blocking feels great, and I hope to do my fronts tomorrow. Semper fi!

  7. You are soooo pinkified. Love it. I’m just waiting for Hello Kitty to show her face somewhere in your designs! Heh heh.

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