The Longer They Go Without Buying Yarn, the Harder They Fall

I tried really hard. Really, I did. I went for seven or eight weeks, ignoring all the posts about it — The Black Sheep Knittery sale. I encouraged other people to go and buy up all of the stuff, so there would be nothing left. I seriously thought to myself, “I can resist this one. Really. I am strong. I am woman. I am invincible. Hear me roar (or whatever).”

Then Annette asked if I wanted to go.
“Ummm, I’m trying to be good here.”
Annette said she would pick me up at my house, and bring me back home in time to pick up the Sweeties from school.
She had me there. She can be very convincing, that Annette. We planned to go on Monday.

At Madgik’s on Saturday, when Ellen, MJ, Jillian and Teresa talked about the even-more loot they got on their Saturday visits at BSK, I was hoping they cleared out the store. But I’m happy to say they didn’t.

This is what I got today.

Lana Grossa Pashmina (cashmere!) in spring green, Katie Ingenua (mohair) in baby pink for a ballet shrug for Sweetie Girl, Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky in deep violet, and Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in light blue. No ideas yet for what, but I’m sure I’ll find some inspiration.

Rio de la Plata in Rabbit grey fora sweater for Sweetie Boy, and Noro Big Kureyon in color no. 1 for a free cabled stole pattern on Vickie Howell’s blog.

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Raging Purple, Cherry Moon and Lime Light for the Dropped Stitch Lace Tank from Fitted Knits. The green is for me. I’m hoping to convince my nieces to knit ones for themselves this summer.

Classic Elite Provence in lavender and a couple of Bryspun circulars for some lace knitting in the near future.

Tilli Thomas Salt & Pepper in natural w/chilli and the Holiday Knits book. This will sit in a nice tucked-away corner until Christmas time when it will be gifted to a friend.
Louisa Harding Accessories book for my Secret Pal that is autographed by Louisa herself, and a couple of patterns.
It’s a good thing I waited so long, so the prices would drop even more than they were in April. Yeah, I keep kidding myself by telling myself that.

13 responses to “The Longer They Go Without Buying Yarn, the Harder They Fall

  1. Wow! You should come to Rhinebeck in October cuz I wanna shop with you!!

  2. That’s some pretty serious loot. Good on you for at least *trying* to resist. I would have given in at the first word about it!

  3. Welcome to the yarn-a-holics club, Ms. Mary. You picked out some excellent yarn! Bravo!

    You know, the sale goes thru 6/15.

    Ellen, the Enabler

  4. I’ll give that an A+ for yarn choice, an A for lack of restraint, but only a B+ for volume; I think you could have done better;-)

  5. Tip top purchases you have there. Hours and hours of knitty fun….with cashmere! When you fall, you wanna fall on cashmere. πŸ™‚

    Today was so much fun!

  6. Lovely loot!

  7. Welcome to the dark side, Mary! We (H & I) have been waiting for you. I’ve been there so many times I’ve lost count!

  8. Great haul! I got two colorways in that Pashmina, who knows for what, but it was so soft and so marked down that I couldn’t say no. Who’d want to anyway.

  9. Nice haul!! You picked up some primo finds. I love that holiday book. I picked one up last year and there are so many great gift knits in there. Did you say LACE knitting????? Is Madge sucking you over to the dark side?

  10. Oh what fun we had! I hope I didn’t hurt your arm too much with the twisting. πŸ˜‰

    You made a great haul. That cashmere is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you make with it.

    I’m having second thouts about splitting the Noro with you if you’re still interested…not that I “need” it. But. You know. It’s Noro.

  11. Totally know what you mean – I am on a total yarn-buying binge now that I broke my “knit from the stash” thing with the few recent excursions “yarn crawls.”

  12. Great stash enhancement! I’m envious! I’m supposedly on a yarn diet but I have no willpower.

  13. I think you got a lot of the things that I had in my bin!

    It was just too good to pass up!

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