Wednesday WIP Report

It’s not a regular week of CPH knitting in the dim sum house unless there’s surgery involved. This time, I forgot to turn some cables. Four of them. I was so darn excited about the cap shaping that I blew past the cable part. Oops. So I fixed it in Annette’s car. Here are the before and after pics.

The good news is that I finished both sleeves, and I sewed the shoulder seams this morning. Whew, that was some tough work. Lots of panic and sweat involved. Special thanks to Patty, Madge and Annette for holding my hand, calming me down, and dealing with my neediness. I am a seaming idiot and this was a challenge. Special thanks also to Michelle for the seaming clips. They helped keep everything where they needed to be. Here’s what it looks like after the seaming.

I’ve picked up the stitches for the hood and now I’m working on that. All 11 1/2 inches of it. Boring. You can probably guess what next week’s WIP Report will feature. What’s weird is I’m kind of thrown off on the row count. When I put the stitches from the fronts onto the holder, you’re supposed to keep track of the row you were on, so you can continue the cable up over the front of the hood. My last row was row 9. Check. When you put the stitches back on the needle and knit them and pick up more around the neck, you’re on the right side of the garment but that row is row 10. Now, all my knit rows, the rows where I usually turn my cable, are now on the WRONG side. Yikes! Turning a cable from the knit side or purl side is basically the same process, but it has me discombobulated. In a big way.

I think I’ll start with a new working yarn and go back to the odd number RIGHT side rows that I was on before. I feel like a loser for doing this, but if my knitting feels wrong or bad, then it’s just gonna bug me for a while and I won’t be motivated to pick it up.

I also cast on a couple of other projects yesterday. The second anklet sock for San Jose Steph:

And a ballet shrug for Sweetie Girl with the new baby pink mohair I got. My fingers were just itching to dive into the new stash and it couldn’t be helped!

Have a great week!


8 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. The CPH is looking so good!! Congrats on the seaming. It always takes me forever, but if I rush through it I screw it up.

    And I just remembered that we *do* need to talk about gaming one of these days…

  2. Congrats! You have shoulders!

    Ooh, I’m such a mohair ho. Love how those pretty pink stitches look.

  3. Your CPH is looking absolutely awesome already – not much longer to go and you can wear it with pride! Congrats on the seaming job, this is my one true nightmare being the terrible seamstress that I am, and I applaud everyone who gets it done – especially in such a great way as you did!

  4. Lady Misty Morn

    looking great and making such speedy progress! and you didn’t want to join my challenge *wink*

  5. I would be discombobulated too. Do what you need to do to get that puppy done. Woohoo! You’re almost done and it’s looking great.

    The ballerina shrug is going to look oh so pretty!

  6. CPH is looking great! I’m glad the knit klips came in handy.

  7. Looking good! You’ll be done in no time!

    I haven’t gotten your posts on bloglines for close to 2 weeks! I am going to re-subscribe and see if that fixes the problem.

    Glad yuo got the BSK! Great haul!

  8. That pink mohair is going to be sooo cute for your little girl’s shrug.

    I would totally change it so that the cables are on the right side – I’d be thrown off by them being on the wrong side for sure.

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