Greetings from the Hood

Sleeves are blocked. The hood is done. All’s left is picking up about 300 stitches to form the button band, mark where I want the button holes, and do several miles’ worth of ribbing. I actually don’t know exactly how many stitches it would be and how far it would stretch out, although I’m sure it could be calculated relatively easy.

I had decided to graft the hood together, instead of having a seam that shows, as the pattern directs. I came to a bit of indecision when I was supposed to seam. I was on a later row of the cable, then, and if I grafted at that point, I would have had 2 super long cables before they turned.

So I quickly emailed CPH guru Seattle Marie, asking for her opinion, since she just finished her lovely CPH recently. As Marie often does, she quickly replied, and I followed her advice. (Thanks Marie!) I knit two more rows, turned the cables, knit a couple more, then grafted it. The cables still look a bit long before their turns, but much better than what they would have been.

Can you see the funky little doohickey sticking out the top of the hood? You can see by the curve of the top of the hood where I was supposed to seam and what part I added on. Oh well, it’s not perfect, but I’m sure it’ll look fine when it’s bunched and hanging.

I’m hoping after I put the button band on, it’ll be fine. Or I’ll figure something out later when I have the emotional energy to deal with it. Can you tell that I’m ready to move on to my next project? Please don’t get me wrong. I will love this CPH sweater, and love wearing it, for a long, long time. But the ADD knitter needs to move on soon.


8 responses to “Greetings from the Hood

  1. That looks great! What a lot of work, looking at your CPH made me realize that I’ve gotten really lazy. Thanks for all your comments on my blog. You’re one of my three readers :-).

  2. You’re going to be so proud of that thing when it’s done! It looks awesome! I know all about knitter’s ADD and moving on already, but you’re almost done, and it’s going to look amazing on you. Power through!

  3. So far so good! I’m sure it will block out fabulously well. Looks like it will quickly become a favorite!

  4. Lady Misty Morn

    Lookging good! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Mine is already getting lots of use.

  5. Way to go, Mary. You’re soooo close. I like your pixie hood.

    Tragedy struck today, and my CPH is in time out. But the sleeves are blocking and the shoulders are sewn, so I’ve made a little progress (and a whole lot of hood rippage) this weekend.

    Amen to the moving on. Momma needs some new knitting!

  6. Awww, yummy, this looks really great already! You can be really proud of your work, and more so when it’ll be finished and you can wear it in all its glory! Can’t wait to see the pics then!

  7. Just block the heck out of the doohickey. I’d rather the cables look right too. It’s looking great! You’re about to cross the finish line any second!

    So what are you making next?

  8. Well, you’re still waaayyy ahead of my CPH, so keep going! I am still stranded on Sleeve Island–I guess you could say my CPH has been in time out?? I hope it will come out as well as yours!

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