Back to the Hood

When last we talked, I said I had finished the hood. And then I showed you the picture of that pointy, wonky thing that was supposed to pass for the hood. It stewed around in my brain for a while, and then I realized I wasn’t satisfied with it. I was weighing my need to complete the durned project (“Done is better than perfect” is my typical motto.) with my need to have my handcrafted item be as visually appealing as possible (Read: Can’t readily see the mistakes.). So, I ripped it. And I’m glad I did. Here are the before and after photos.

Don’t you agree that it looks much better? I ended up ripping back to the last of the decreases. I continued according to the cable rows, and kept the decreases going, so I wouldn’t get the pointy, wonky thing again. I knit two fewer rows this time too, as I thought there was too much cable at the joined part. Then I grafted, ripped back about half when I saw my stitch count was off, grafted again a few more stitches, ripped back yet again, and grafted one final time. Ahhhh, much better. Lesson learned: don’t try grafting while at the Sweeties’ soccer practice. Do read Nona’s tips before attempting it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s WIP report, guest starring an actual FO! G’nite!


5 responses to “Back to the Hood

  1. It looks great! Don’t you hate that itching feeling that it has to be *just* right or you won’t be happy? Sometimes it works to our advantage though!

  2. It looks great- I will use your CPH postings as my guide when I finally get around to making it. What color is that yarn? Sometimes it looks pink, others it’s almost purple. Either way it’s really pretty!

  3. Great fix!! Oh so close!

  4. Definitely the best choice to rip it out if it was going to bother you. After all the work you’ve done, you want to actually wear it for a long time, not have it sit in the closet looking pretty. You’re grafting looks amazing. I’ll have to try that on my next hoodie. I’m not a fan of the seam on the top of the head. Can’t wait to see the FO!

  5. Looks great, though I thought the pixie hood was cute. But, you know, I’m weird.

    It’s sooo important to have an aesthetically appealing garment. I’m glad you ripped and are happy with it now.

    Wow, you’re ribbing now. Almost finished!

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