Wednesday WIP Report and a FO!

You’ve seen the pictures of CPH, so nothing new to report there. I’m also still plugging away at Sweetie Girl’s pink fluff, aka ballet shrug. Stockinette stitch with raglan increases. Not too exciting, but here’s a picture anyway.

I also have a FO to report. It’s my May socks for Sockamonth 3. These are for San Jose Steph and they were a breeze to knit up. Here are the details:

Project: Generic toe up anklets
Yarn: Regia Surf (cotton, wool and nylon) in Rosso colorway; 1 skein; double-stranded
Needles: US size 3s, using my inexact technique of dpns and 2 circs. On these I used Addi Turbos, KnitPick Classic Circulars, and Inox dpns.
Start: May 10
Finish: May 29

Thoughts: Doubling the yarn sure makes the projects go quickly, I tell you. These will be footies for wearing around the house, so the thickness of the final fabric isn’t a problem. I did the usual Turkish Toes but used Wendy’s short-row heel this time because I didn’t like the holes I was getting in the PGR short-row heels. The heel on the first sock ended up with small holes at the joins, but not too bad. On the second heel, I figured out where to pick up the extra stitch at the joins, so Eureka! No holes. Not a bad method either. I’ll definitely try it again. I just stumbled across (again!) Wendy’s Feather and Fan toe up socks so I may give those a whirl. Not sure if I’ll do those before or after the Monkey socks for my Sock Pal.

What’s with all the sock needle craziness… still? Turns out, I don’t mind using dpns for doing the foot, leg or even the heel. I prefer doing the toes with 2 circs though. However, I absolutely despise doing ribbing in dpns though. The needles sticking out everywhere really slow me down. Heh, now I’m game for giving magic loop a try. Thought you might get a chuckle reading that.

Have a great rest of the week!


4 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report and a FO!

  1. Lovin’ the pink!

    Congrats on another pair of SAM3 socks. These are really kicky and look so comfy.

  2. Thinking of starting a pink fluffy ballet cardi for my little one too. You might inspire me.

    Well done on finishing your SAM 3 socks. Hmmm doubling up sounds like a super idea.

  3. I love Magic Loop and use it for everything requiring dpns.

    I posted more pics of the Airy Wrap at the Fitted Knits along as I had Jim do a photo shoot of me before work.

  4. Way to go on the socks! And do hang in there on the ballet wrap–I saw a little French girl wearing a fuzzy pink one, obviously hand knit, and it was adorable–Sweetie Girl’s will be even more so!

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