The Knitting is Done

Not much knitting going on these past few days at Chez Dim Sum. We’ve had a full schedule of end of the year stuff, carnival, soccer games, practices, rehearsals, picnics, parties and concerts. The little bit I was able to do was the button band on CPH. At least that part is done. That means all of the knitting is done on CPH now. It’s all seaming and weaving in ends now. My favorite… not.

Here’s a closer look.

I just realized from this close up picture that the ribs don’t line up with each other. I picked up a lot less stitches for the button band than in the directions. I think I’m supposed to have 308 and I picked up 234 or something like that. I think I’ll leave it because I barely have any knitting mojo left for this baby.

This weekend, Sweetie Boy and I chose buttons for it. We narrowed it down to four different styles, and here’s what we chose.

A nice traditional, dark brown leather button. I like.


8 responses to “The Knitting is Done

  1. Dude. So gorgeous. Perfect buttons!!

  2. Great buttons! And don’t worry if the ribs don’t line up–they overlap, so it won’t be noticeable when it’s buttoned. And when it isn’t, the two halves won’t be that close together–won’t be noticed unless someone is looking WAYYYY too closely! Great job!!

  3. Very Nice! I agree w/ mehitabel- no one will ever notice. Plus, you did a very nice job picking those stitches up- no bumps or pulling. That’s a huge feat in my book. Great buttons too!

  4. The buttons are great! I’m with you on seaming/weaving in ends being my least favorite part. But it looks great!

  5. Perfect buttons! Your CPH is beautiful. You’re going to have a great sweater to wear in the fall and during those chilly mornings at soccer games. đŸ™‚

  6. Me like, too! Congrats on almost almost almost having a FO.

    Heh. You weren’t officially in the competition, and you came in second. Right on.

    Now whatcha gonna make?

  7. I did not even notice the ribbing thing until you said something, no one will be the wiser. Sweetie boy did a great job, those buttons are perfect. Let us know how the seaming goes, I hate that part too!

  8. Love the buttons! I can’t wait to see the FO!

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