Wednesday WIP Report

No progress on the CPH since yesterday’s post, but a couple of other things have grown slowly.

Here’s the Wendy’s Toe-up Feather and Fan sock with CTH in Monet. I did a few rounds with the 12″ addis and I have to admit that I’m not feeling the 12″ addi love. (Get your minds out of the gutter!) So I put them on the dpns and it’s cruising along more easily.

The pink fluff continues to become … fluffier. Or is the term fluffify? Just 3 more increase rows and then I bind off the sleeves. I started these on Denises, thinking the plastic would be nice and grippy for the mohair. They were too grippy, so last night they were moved onto some old Susan Bates Silverado circulars. Not too bad. I bought these in the early days of my knitting … before I realized that paying close to $20 for a set of addis was necessary. They yarn flies off the needles nicely, and I haven’t noticed any snagging at the joins.

C’mon. You knew it wouldn’t be a regular post if I didn’t tell regale you with stories about my needle dance, right? Have a great week!


8 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Fluffify. Definitely.

  2. Go Pink Fluff! I’m glad you have both the patience to knit with fluff AND a girl child; meanwhile it seems that my knitting style and a boy child are a nice combo.

    I have yet to try out any CTH, but I stalk the mill end on eBay religiously! One of these days….

  3. I love your needle dance you do. I myself have not decided what is better, 2 circs, DPNs for the magic loop. It is fun to play around and switch from needles to needles.

  4. I will have to agree your findings on the 12″ needles. I have never been able to get comfortable with those. But I am sold on the two circs. I have not missed DPN’s one bit!

    Make sure you bring in the pink fluff.

  5. I prefer ‘fluffity’ myself. Rolls off the tongue much better.

    Ha! I beat you to CPH finish-dom! (Then again, it was my sole project for a while, so there’s not that much glory in such a victory).

  6. The needle dance continues! I enjoy reading your thoughts about working with different needles on your projects. The pink fluff is adorable!

  7. Ah, pink fluff–I’m making a fluffy pink shawl (I think–so far, it’s just been annoying and may get tossed into the “recycle” heap) and there is something about all that pink. and all that fuzz. Foofiness! Maybe it’s just that 5 daughters weren’t enough to get it all out of my system??

  8. Beautiful pink fluff indeed 😉

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