I liked fluffify but Michelle liked fluffity better. Either way, I finished Sweetie Girl’s pink fluff last Thursday. It was very quick knitting and not much finishing… just my kind of pattern.
Project: Ballet Shrug pattern from Knitter’s Haven in Visalia
Yarn: Katia Ingenua, 1 skein almost all of the 220 yds.
Needles: Denises US size 8 and later needle danced to Susan Bates Silverado circular size 8
Start: May 22
Finish: May 31

Thoughts: The pink fluff stayed on my night stand for easy knitting while tv watching and it went quickly. I haven’t knit much before with mohair so this was a new experience, one I would do again. Easy quick knit with luscious results. I recommend this pattern because it can be made with mohair and also looks great in Noro Kureyon with the color striping.

Definitely Fluffilicious.

11 responses to “Fluffification

  1. Such cute pictures! Looks great on her!

  2. OMG could she be any cuter?!?!

  3. Oh my gosh, the cuteness. I could fall OVER!!! Perfect pink fluffity.

  4. Hey, that’s my LYS that pattern came from. It looks so soft and fluffy, and sweetie girl looks very happy.

  5. Sweetie Girl is the most beautiful ballerina I have EVER seen!

  6. Sweetie Girl is wrapped in cotton candy sweetness! Wonderful FO, adorable ballerina.

  7. She’s a cutie! I love the quick but impressive looking knit.

  8. Ok that is so cute. The pink fluff is also cute!!

  9. Very cute. But, don’t let my girls see, they will want one!

  10. Fluffilicious perfection for your Sweetie Ballerina!

  11. I’m catching up on my blog reading so I’m a little late to the party here, but sweetie girl looks so adorable I had to comment. The pink fluff turned out beautiful!

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