Wednesday WIP Report

I’m distracted by the new kid on the needles, the Drop Stitch Lace Tank from Fitted Knits, so much so that I joined the Fitted Knits Along. Because I need new places to post my pictures? I dunno; just call me crazy.

I’m using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in lime light and knitting it in the round. Someone on the Fitted Knits kal posted the instructions on how to knit it in the round, with Stefanie’s approval, so that gave me very little reason NOT to start it up. Getting 3 skeins of this yarn for $6 at the BSK sale also helped a lot too. I cast on yesterday and here’s where I was this morning, just about ready to start the ribbing on the back. After a bit of knitting on it today, I’m about 2 inches further along. Here’s a close up picture so you can see how beautifully the Cotton Fleece shows the stitch definition. I’m also surprised at how wonderfully soft and squooshy the yarn is.

I’m also progressing on my Wendy’s Feather and Fan sock. I just started the feather and fan pattern on the leg but this is my second go at it. After doing about 5 rounds on it, I realized why my stitch count was off. I forgot to increase the number of stitches from 64 to 72 before starting the feather and fan, so I had to frog back. It’s fine now that I have the correct number of stitches. Here’s a pic that unfortunately does show the pattern well yet.

No progress on CPH; she is waiting for her sleeves to be seamed up, and then set in. I told you I was a seam-tard. Maybe I’ll start seaming them tonight.

Hey, exciting news! Cookie A is teaching three sock classes at Unwind next month. She was so unbelievably cool at Stitches (and I’m sure all the time). Now I just have to figure out which class to take.

Toe-up? Even though I already do toe-up socks, I’m sure I could still learn lots of things in the class.

Top-down design your own socks? Maybe, but I’m not a big fan of the top-down.

Trouble-shooting your feet? Could be the one but it’s called Sock Design Overview and Trouble-Shooting Your Own Feet. The overview part talks about percentages and stitch count and honestly, that part doesn’t excite me too much. I’ll have to mull this over a bit.


7 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Your lime DSLT is working up beautifully. And so quickly. You’ll have it done in plenty of time to wear while sipping mai tais by the pool on lambent summer evenings!

  2. These are some goodies that you’re having on your needles right now – the lime DSLT is looking awesome!

  3. I really need to get my Fitted Knits back from my mom- actually I should probably just buy a new one. Love the lime light, btw- I made a top from it, and the color is great! A class w/ Cookie should be great- the last one sounds interesting….

  4. Loving the DSLT in the Lime Cotton Fleece!

  5. I am also mulling over the classes with the same questions. I am thinking about the design thing just because I should go there some day with my knitting. Might be a great place to start. Understanding feet could be good too. Could do both?? Ok we need to talk…….

    Love the lime!

  6. Oh what fun it would be to take a class with her! I would just take one to hang out with her. lol

  7. The DSLT looks great so far! Great color (you know how much I love green!)

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