An Unexpected Find

The Sweeties are officially out of school for the summer, and we spent the weekend at Santa Monica at a beach soccer tournament for Sweetie Boy. They had a great first day, and Sweetie Boy even scored a 10 year old boy’s dream goal… a header goal. However, today… not so good. I tried to take pictures, but just got a lot of feet in the sand.

After yesterday’s games, we went in search of lunch on the way home. When I flipped a u-turn to get to the restaurant, I saw a yarn store out of the corner of my eye. It was Yarns Unlimited! I had never been to it before, knew it was in Santa Monica somewhere but didn’t make plans to go because we were in soccer mode. After lunching, Sweetie Boy was in such a good mood that he agreed to half an hour for me at the LYS. That’s why I call him Sweetie Boy. He perused the yarns with me, because he said he wanted to learn how to knit. He’s planning to make Sweetie Girl a cap in her favorite color, purple. Ahhh, what a sweetie. We didn’t get him any yarn because I had some great chunky lavender alpaca at home for him to learn on. Of course, in the name of supporting LYSs and souvenir yarn, this is what came home with me. They were having a sale of 10% after all.

Misti Alpaca lace weight in springy green, pink and lavender, and eggplant. Because you all know that I’m *such* a lace expert, right? 😉 Oh, BTW I also received my Jaggerspun Zephyr in vanilla for the Mystery Stole 3. Gotta start swatching soon.

Happy Father’s Day to you and your loved ones. Have a great rest of the weekend!


8 responses to “An Unexpected Find

  1. Unexpected finds, especially involving yarn are always a good thing!

  2. Those pretty Mistis are making me swoon. *fans self*

    Give SB a big hug for being such a trooper in the LYS. And such a good older brother.

    Happy Father’s Day to Sweetie Husband!

  3. I’ve never been there either. Should I make a special trip or just combine it with a visit to Wild Fibers?

    Have fun teaching SB to knit. And a great summer.

  4. I’m so impressed that SB wants to learn how to knit. It must be in the genes! 😉 I love the colors of lace weight you picked out (no surprise there, huh). Always fun to find a yarn store when you’re away from home!

  5. Very pretty colors! Can’t wait to see how SB does with his knitting. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Nothing better than a surprise LYS find.

  6. Now that is a SWEET boy! You must be so proud.

    And score for an unexpected LYS. That laceweight is so cushy, and gorgeous colors!

  7. You were at my lunchtime LYS!!! LOVE Yarns Unlimited. In fact, I was there on Friday! They have an excellent selection. Did you walk down the long hallway to see everything? Y.U. has high-end and low-end yarn…my kind of place. So glad you found it. Just east on Pico, past Trader Joe’s at Urban St. is the Stitches From The Heart Store…another great one!

    We must plan a yarn crawl on the Westside sometime. I volunteer for tour guide.

  8. Yay for unexpected finds, they’re certainly the best! 😉

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