Wednesday WIP Report

Today’s WIP Report is late because I have not had a free moment, since the kids have started summer vacation. The life of playdates, matinees, swimming and swim lessons doesn’t leave me much free time. I know; feel bad for me.
Just a little bit of progress on the feather and fan sock. I did another needle dance… again. I think that’ll make it four different types of needle techniques I have tried on this one sock.

I started with two circs to cast on the toe, and after all the increases, I switched to the 12″ addi circular. The 64 stitches were too stretched out and it was hard to move those stitches along the cable and needle. Out came the dpns for the rest of the foot, turning the heel and starting up the leg. That was fine for a bit but then the feather and fan pattern calls for 5 dpns, and I only had 4. Frankly, it wasn’t too bad but I kept dropping a stitch here and there. I got my KnitPicks order with my 32″ size 1 cir, and put the sock on for some magic loop action. That’s where we are right now. Maybe I’m just not cut out for socks on small needles. Or socks at all. I’m gonna have to think this one through.

Progress, regress and more progress has been made on the drop stitch lace tank. I’m still loving this yarn a whole lot, and it’s quickly climbing its way to the top of my favorite yarns list. Not #1 (not that I even know what my all-time #1 favorite yarn is right now), but it’s high up there.

I was zipping along swimmingly on the tank, working on the ribbing portion, when I realized that I was supposed to be doing 2×2 rib on the entire thing, not just on the back as I was. Doh! So I had to frog about two to three inches, and start the 2×2 rib. I’m past the four inches of ribbing now, and back to doing the pattern on the front only.

In my KnitPicks order, I got my new chart keeper, so I’m basically ready for MS3. Are you? I also got my 3 hanks of light pink alpaca cloud for further adventures in lacing at a later point.

That’s all for now. Have a great week!

4 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. You wouldn’t be you without the needle dance. It shows your incredible adaptability. The tank is coming along well, that yarn looks soft and squishy, and my fav color green!! Have you decided on beads or no beads for the MS3?

  2. I can’t imagine you not knitting socks! You always have a sock OTN. Just keep doing the needle dance. Whatever needle fits your mood or the pattern. I’m lovin’ your drop stitch tank. Great color!

  3. I’m aghast – aghast I say! – at hearing you say you’re not cut out for socks on small needles. Of course you are! Hey, if you use four different kinds, so be it, as long as you’re happy with the outcome.

    DSLT is going to be such a great summer top.

  4. Nice socks, Mare! I can’t believe how far you’ve come since we started knitting together. Let me know when you’re ready to knit me a bikini.

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