The Panic is Over

Thanks to everybody for their great suggestions. I really appreciate the support and reminding me to breathe into the bag. I decided to set aside the feather and fan socks for now, thereby giving up on my June SAM3 socks. I’m a little disappointed at myself for boxing myself into a corner. This would have been the eleventh month in a row I completed a pair of socks. But I’m okay with the decision. Life goes on. I’m kind of crazy when it comes to keeping my end of the bargain and meeting my commitments, but I know this is the right action plan. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to make my Mini Monkeys fly and be done by June 30th.

Rachele turned me on to the Red Dwarf socks on Turtlegirl’s blog as a possibility for quick Sockapalooza socks. They are knit out of worsted weight yarn and have beautiful yarn detailing. I will definitely add these to my queue in fall. I have some Artyarns Supermerino that I need to use up and would look gorgeous in these.

Annie also sent me links to Monkeys that are all knits and no purls, and even toe-up Monkeys. Those are my kinda patterns, since I am the one and only lazy ass knitter. They’re gorgeous!

Oh yeah, I went to the sale at A Stitch in Time yesterday and got some yarn on sale. If you buy the bag or all of a color, you get 50%. I picked up some Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine in a medium denim blue, and Elsebeth Lavold Cable Cotton in eggplant. They’re slated for some lightweight shrug-y or bolero-y things. I also got two skeins of Artyarns Supermerino in the red/orange colorway. This is the same yarn and color that Silvia used to make her Wicked. Doesn’t it look great on her?

Have a great weekend and thanks again to everybody for your help!


4 responses to “The Panic is Over

  1. Whew. Glad to hear it.

    So is mine. Panic being over, I mean. A GL list memeber helped me out, and I now have two skeins of Euroflax in the same lot # coming to me from Canada.

    Let’s hear it for panic free knitting!

  2. Glad someone talked you off the ledge.

    I *love* the purl free monkeys! So much that I might make another pair!

  3. Hate those panic attacks! And it never helps to say, it’s just knitting, because it isn’t! Glad you were able to get the help you needed–and now to have a blissful summer of lace (MS3) and sox (for you, not me!).

  4. It was great to see you at Stitch in Time. Sorry I didn’t have more time to spend with you. It was cute to watch SB knitting so quietly and well behaved. Hope he wasn’t too bored. Maybe next time you’ll be able to sit and knit too.

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