A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Melanie is hosting a contest for free yarn, of course, and even better, it’s her own hand-dyed beauts! All you have to do is post either your first knitted item or what you plan to knit next.

I don’t have the very first or second items I knit, scarves of course, because they live with my nieces in Virginia. But I can show you the third and fourth items and hope they’re good enough. They’re caps, still one of my favorite things for a quick fix. I made caps for the Sweeties for Christmas in 2002, and here they are.

The first picture is of the cap I made for Sweetie Boy. It was a Christmas gift, and this is the pic I took that Christmas morning. He was only 5 at the time.

The second picture is the one I made for Sweetie Girl who was 2 at the time. Her cap was also for Christmas, but this picture was taken New Year’s Day at California Adventure. She’s riding with the Sweetie Nieces of first-and-second-knitted-item fame. I love seeing all of their chubby, happy faces from five years ago.

Thanks for strolling down memory lane with me. If you want to play along in Melanie’s contest, be sure to mention that Dim Sum Mary sent you!

5 responses to “A Stroll Down Memory Lane

  1. Aww they’re so cute! For some reason my brain was only adding TWO years to that number, not FIVE. Jeez the 2000’s have really gotten away from me. Anyway, thanks for playing along!

  2. I spy FUN FUR!! They look soooooo cute!!

  3. Super cute! I’m going to post sometime this week, so I can get in on the fun. Good luck!

  4. Sweeties in hats! Wheee!

  5. Don’t you miss those days when the kids were still cute and cuddly? Maybe Syd and Wes are still cute, but my boys are getting attitude and growing hair in all the wrong places.

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