CPH for the Last Time

It’s Done. CPH. Finally. I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago. Just never got around to taking pics. I even wore it to an inaugural event, a LA Galaxy soccer game, last weekend. So it will henceforth forever be called The Soccer Sweater because that’s what its intended purpose is… Sweetie Boy’s and Girl’s early morning Fall and Winter soccer games.

Side view so you could see the cable up the arms.

Back view so you could see what a linebacker I look like. At least the hood sits nicely after TC Marie and blogless Linda fussed with it for me.
Project: Central Park Hoodie from Fall 2006 KnitScene by Heather Lodinsky
Yarn: Black Water Abbey in Pink Heathers, less than seven skeins
Needles: KnitPicks Options US size 6 for ribbing and size 8 for the body
Start: mid March
Finish: mid June

Thoughts: This was one big monster project for me, and I’m glad that it’s done. Just the right amount of challenge for me, especially the seaming, but I was able to overcome my fear and actually seam up the garment. I made the 40″ version and used less than 7 skeins of the yarn. The mods I made were grafting the hood, knitting the button band in one piece, and picking up about 50+ less stitches on the button band.

The yarn was rustic and perfect for an outdoor jacket type of sweater, which is what this is for me. I wouldn’t recommend using this yarn for this project though, because it’s very grippy (if that’s the right term) and stitches look quite uneven. I’d actually recommend Cascade 220 to those who want to make this, even though that might seem like the boring, obvious choice. I’ve seen some beautiful CPHs out there in blogland done in Cascade 220. Go with the workhorse yarn that slips nicely through your fingers. This Black Water Abbey yarn definitely filled my need to commune with “classic” workhorse wool yarns.

I had an extra skein of the Pink Heathers, and Marilyn, the owner of Black Water Abbey, was kind enough to exchange it for another skein of the Butters colorway, so I could make a felted bag with it. It is destined, at this time at least, to become the Noni Adventurer bag. Keep your fingers crossed for when that might happen.

The pattern was quite easy to follow, only one panic hiccupy part for me, but I figured it out and got a lightning speed answer to my question from Seattle Marie, the first place finisher of the intrastate CPH race. Other than feeling like it took forever to knit this sweater, I think the pattern was well-written. Would I recommend this to others to knit? Definitely. Would I knit this again? Not on your life. Now, on to greener pastures and cheering on Madgik, TC Marie and Jolly Ewe to the finishing line. Special thanks to Madgik for snapping the photos.

P.S. I decided on and signed up for Cookie’s designing socks from the top down class. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t have aspirations to become a sock designer, but I would like to get to know socks better. Besides, how can I pass up a class with the world famous Cookie? Now, back to the socks.


21 responses to “CPH for the Last Time

  1. Woohoo! It turned out just perfect. The color is gorgeous on you, and of course the fit is great too. The seaming looks pro!

    All done communing, huh?

  2. I love it, great color and good job. CPH is still on my to knit list. I’m taking the toe up sock class with Cookie.

  3. That is beautiful- you look fantastic in it (No linebackers there!). I’ve got my yarn, now I just have to work it into my constantly changing knitting schedule!
    The class with Cookie sounds great- should be lots of fun!

  4. I have to say, your CPH looks even better in person! Yes, I am motivated to get mine done, if I can just find a cool-ish spot to work on it in the summer heat!

  5. Your CPH looks very professional! LOVE the color. Enjoy wearing it on soccer night!

  6. I love your CPH and I’m glad you can finally love it too. It looks great on you!

    p.s. so jealous about the sock classes with cookie. send her to the south, would ya?

  7. It looks great! Wonderful color too 🙂

  8. Gorgeous! Oh, and the CPH looks great, too! I love the look of the grafted hood.

  9. The sweater looks amazing!

  10. It looks WONDERFUL!!!

  11. Beautiful Job! The fit is wonderful. Very professional looking finishing job!

  12. CPH looks great – love the colour!! CPH and Wicked are both on my to knit list and your certainly encouraging me to get mine done!!

    Great job!

  13. Congratulations! The more great Hoodies I see, the more motivation I get to finally start mine….

  14. Brilliant job on CPH! It looks fantastic, and should be a great soccer sweater for many years to come. Yay on finishing this behemoth of a project!

  15. You are a true inspiration, your CPH looks perfect!!! If mine comes out half as good, I’ll be happy. However with the 100 plus degree heat, it’s not looking like mine will be done anytime soon.

    I’m so bummed I can’t swing the Cookie sock class, it would have been a blast!!

  16. Yay, congratulations!

  17. It does look fantastic on you! Great job!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous!! You did a fantastic job and looks like the fit it perfect! I like this color too. Way to get it off the needles 🙂

  19. I really like how that turned out!! The color is really good on you as well.

  20. girl – it looks wonderful! mine is still in pieces in my bag. Can’t bring myself to work on it in this 80+ degree weather 😦
    Maybe I’ll finish this fall??!

  21. beth/ fresh noodle

    Really beautiful garment- I expect to see you wearing that alot! By the way- what the hell is a CPH? Parden my doofussiness- I’ve just been out of the blog world for while! Loving your blog!

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