Wednesday WIP Report

Last night, I finished clue #2 of the Mystery Stole and have two whole days of regular knitting until the next clue comes out. All I can say is I’m enjoying this knit tremendously, because it’s a new challenge for me. I hope I can keep the excitement and interest up throughout the rest of the project. I’m already starting to think about what my next lace project will be.

At Montrose Monday I worked on DSLT and split the neckline. After doing one more repeat, I split for the armholes. Here’s how it’s looking after knitting today.

I also picked up the Feather and Fan sock and started dinking around with it a bit. I’m not very motivated with this sock, because I know it’ll be too big for me. I’m waiting for my sister to arrive, so I can see if it will fit her. If so, she’s the lucky gal who will be the recipient. I hope she likes it; she doesn’t even know about it yet.

Have a great week!

12 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Those look great! I’m curious to see how everyone’s mystery stoles will turn out.

    You beat me to commenting first re Jenn’s Ravelry invite by a couple of minutes…I’m glad it’s (hopefully) going to someone nice :-)!

  2. Wow your shawl is looking great!! And the tank too. You’re a machine these days!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! You are already done with clue #2….I am so not worthy. You have become quite a little lace maniac haven’t you? Your DSLT is looking great too!!

  4. Yay on finishing clue #2!

    Whoa, I totally missed this sock being born. What yarn are you using?

  5. Your lace looks fabulous. I’m about 10 rows from the end of clue 2- I keep trying to knit it at night when I’m sleepy and I mess up! I hope mine looks half as good as yours.

  6. You are so far along on MS3. I am struggling finding the “right” time to knit it so I don’t make mistakes. I love the color of your tank!

  7. Once again, you’re positively a knitting-whizz-kid! Everything looks great!

  8. Your shawl looks great – great job on finishing early too.

  9. The stole is looking wonderful, and so is the drop-stitch tank! (I’ll be watching your progress on the last one closely, as I’m thinking about making one once the weather heats up).

  10. Your WIPs are coming along really beautifully – especially the shawl looks great!

  11. You are on a roll!! It really is very nice. But I have to say that I am enjoying watching all of you create your shawls.

  12. You’re getting quite alot done on the MSK front – it looks great so far. And by the way, you’ve been tagged – see my post for rules 🙂

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