Sucked In

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Or more like, out. That’s right. I’ve been sucked into Ravelry and I barely come up for air, much less knit. Oh yes, and then there’s the Mystery Stole that I was obsessing over before I got my Ravelry invite. Gotta go back to cataloging my yarn and then reading charts. I’m on Ravelry as DimSumKnitter; will you be my friend?


10 responses to “Sucked In

  1. Muahahaha, another hapless knitter sucked into the abyss of Ravelry! Don’t worry, we won’t let you drown in stash, patterns, FOs and groups!

    Glad you’re having a good time, neighbor!


  2. I’ve only got 442 people ahead of me, and counting! I finished clue 3 Sunday, and I’m trying to get through Harry Potter 6 before MS3 clue 4 and HP7 come out…but at this rate,I’m sorta guessing I’ll get my Ravelry invite….Friday or Saturday. ARGH! My time management skills are not prepared!

  3. Addictive isn’t it? I really like your blog so I just added you as a friend.

  4. I know how you feel!

  5. Just don’t forget to pee once in a while. I’ve heard horror stories….

  6. I will! I will! I’ve not had time to do more than set up my ID – plan to do some serious “cataloging” of various types this weekend!

  7. Yay – I’m so glad you’re on Ravelry. I just added you to my friend list!

  8. I keep hearing about this dangerous thing–the Ravelry monster!!!

  9. Can’t say you weren’t warned!

  10. Must. Come. Up. For. Air.

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