Wednesday WIP Report

Little progress to report here but it’s progress nonetheless. I’ve just finished the back on DSLT and have the left front to work on. Here it is hanging, so I could tell if the back was long enough. Even though the picture looks a little wonky, it’s the right length. Whew!

This is the beginning of the eyelet hearts sock for Sweetie Girl. This is the idea I came up with for top-down socks at Cookie’s class, but haven’t been able to give it the right amount of attention yet. I haven’t had a pair of socks OTN since I finished the feather and fan socks a few weeks ago, and I realized that I missed having my little portable project with me. I knew it was time to start these up. Eyelet Hearts is a lace pattern from Stitchionary 1, and I’m putting a picot edge at the top cuff. Here’s the minute progress I’ve made on the socks:

I have six more rows of clue #3 on MS3, but not much new progress since the last post. Just look at my last post, if you want to see what it looks like at this moment. Here’s one last cute picture. It’s Annette holding up the beginnings of her Pomatomus sock. Nothing unusual about that, right? Well, it just happens to be her very first sock. Impressive, no? That’s one of the things I love about Annette, not being afraid of jumping right in and tackling a project. Please send her a bunch of sock knitting mojo!

I’m going on vacation on Saturday, so there won’t be any blogging for about 2 weeks until I return. Have a great time without me!


11 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Have a great time on vacation!

    P.S. Am I really caught up with you on MS3? No way.

  2. Where are you going? Oh wait, it’s that time of year isn’t it…

  3. The drop stitch tank is lookin’ good. I’m looking forward to the finished project.

    Have a great holiday! Enjoy knitting away in exotic locales! (For the record, ‘exotic’ counts as anywhere that isn’t your living room).

  4. Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Have fun on vacation! Hope you get some fun knitting done while gone.

  6. Hope your vacation is fun (although Joanne’s comment makes it sound omminous- family visit, perhaps?) Drop Stitch tank looks great- I had to order a new copy of the book, b/c my mom’s holding on to mine!

  7. Have fun on Vacation! I hope you get some awesome knitting time.

  8. have a good break. Hope you get some knitting done and have lots of time to just chill!
    The tank looks good! And I’d love to see the finished eyelet heart socks.

  9. The tank is going to look fabulous on you! Can’t wait to see the heart eyelet socks…I love the colorway.

    As for my sock, what will be impressive is if I actually *finish* a pair. 🙂 Thanks for the sock knitting mojo! Have a great vacation!!!

  10. I know what you mean about having socks OTN…I only recently started knitting them, but find that a sock or dishcloth is the perfect portable knitting!

  11. beth/ fresh noodle

    You’re blog rocks!!!! You like knit every second- I’m SO jealous! We must meet up.

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