More Yarn Pron

My LYS is having their annual fishbowl sale through Saturday, and even though I work there, I got to fish out of the bowl too! My discount was better than my employee discount, so here’s what I nabbed:

Malabrigo for the Two Tone Shrug in Fitted Knits, except mine won’t really be two toned. Just slightly variegated.

The Fibre Company’s Terra, alpaca and silk, to make a chevron scarf with the same yarn in orange from my stash.

Plymouth Royal Cashmere. Who cares what it’s for. It’s cashmere!

Have a lovely weekend!


8 responses to “More Yarn Pron

  1. One of these days I swear I’m coming over to fondle your stash!!!

  2. Yesterday I was in and bought yarn as well,also for the two toned shrug in Fitted Knits; sage and oregano, only I drew 75% off from the bowl!

  3. Good score! I was in yesterday and managed to pull 65%!!

  4. Bestill my heart. Pink cashmere. And JollyEwe Neopolitan. I wanna roll around in all of your goodies.

  5. (Fingers in ears) La La La, I don’t hear you singing the siren song of huge percentages off. I don’t need more yarn!!! (But then, I should really support my local yarn pron peddler, shouldn’t I?)

  6. mmmm Malabrigo! I am fishing around the stash to see what I should use to make the 2 tone shrug. Like you, I’m thinking only 1 color!

  7. Oh, you got good stuff! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Awww, this is some yummy yarn, I *so* love these warm and calm colors! And the cashmere! *Drool*!!!

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