Wednesday WIP Report

It’s still Wednesday where I am, so I still have time to get my WIP Report in. A little bit of knittin’ done here and there and a shocking WIP.

First, I give you the Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style with the Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine. I have about six more inches before I start the next sleeve. It’s quite lightweight and lacey, but perfectly fine for this heatwave we’re having in So Cal.

I’ve finished the second repeat of ten for the Flower Basket Shawl but unfortunately I don’t have a more recent picture. Just imagine another row of flower baskets. Um, yeah…

Way back in May I set my Summer Knitting Goals, and as an extra kick in the pants, set for one of my goals the finishing of the Wobbly Circles Tote. This has been hidden in the deepest, darkest recesses of the almighty UFO pile for about 18 months. Monday was the day. The day of reckoning to see if I could pick up this baby and start up again. Well, I did and I was promptly reminded why I buried it so far down in the basket. Here’s the reason why.

Yucky stringy tangly mess.

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like. It’s coming along slowly. I really have only worked on it while knitting with the gang on Mondays at the coffee shop. There’s a nice, huge coffee table and I spread the yarn bundles out all over it. I may not finish all of this by the “official” end of summer, but I’ll at least have one side done. As for the other side, I won’t be making it identical to the front, as the pattern calls for. Maybe something easier, like stripes?

Lastly, since we’re on the old UFO theme, I dusted off these wristwarmers and have been working a row or two on it. They’re not for anybody in particular but they’re made of Koigu and that means that are yummmmm.

I’m trying desperately to fight the urge to cast on yet another new project. Thanks to Yarn Crawl Robin I’ve been fixating on Kat Coyle’s Indigo Ripples Skirt from the Summer 2007 Interweave Knits. I have some stash yarn in a straw-colored linen/viscose blend that could look lovely, if I can get the gauge issues worked out.

That’s all for now. Have a great week!


11 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. The bag may be a pain, but it is too cute! You may actually finish it before I get the lining of my LLB finished.
    I have some denim yarn for the indigo ripples skirt, but I’m determined to finish the MS 3 before I cast on!

  2. I say make it easy as possible – make the back solid 🙂

    You should definitely keep those Koigu wristies for yourself. You;ve made so many pairs as gifts!

  3. Yikes, that circle purse looks awesome, but all those hanging butterflies give me chest pain, you are very brave! I think Jillian’s idea for a solid back is a good one.

    ummmmmmm, Koigu wrist warmers, yummy.

    I’ve been eyeing that IK skirt, hope you get gauge soon, I want to see that thing come along.

  4. I agree with Jillian – a solid back would be totally fine 🙂

    Mmm, koigu! Very pretty!

  5. I did the Indigo Ripple skirt and did not get gauge exactly. I was a little big so I cast on a size smaller and since the skirt is knit top down in the round you can try it on and see. I know that some people have been having problems with this coming out too big.

  6. Dagnabbit, I just posted a comment and hit a key combo that made it disappear. Anyhoo, keep on truckin’ on Wobbly. I, too, vote for a solid back to get this albadross off your neck! And Retro Redux is sooo pretty.

  7. The shrug looks light and lacy…love that color.
    The wobbly circles purse is positively ADORABLE! You knit the cutest purses! OK, you can knit the back in a sold, or maybe just with 3 close stripes at the center?
    Wrist warmers…keep em!
    That Ripple Skirt is cute. I’d knit it in a yarn that snaps back to shape after washing…something with acrylic in it. You know that the “bottom” is gonna sag-out! the navy is a good-looking. What color were you thinking of knitting?

  8. Some excellent WIPs! Especially the circle purse. (I’d be doing a plain colour or stripes on the other side, though: or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could just put one of the circles in the center of the bag.

    I’ve been checking out the IK skirt, too. Someday, someday…

  9. I found the other comments interesting about the skirt – oh well, a little big is probably better with my butt!

  10. The tote looks cute – great colour combo. Gotta love the Koigu wristwarmers!
    I want to make the Indigo Ripples skirt too – just waiting to measure my soon to be new hip size (needs some weight loss and exercise!!)

  11. That’s some goodie stuff that you have in the works these days! I especially love the colors of the bag, it’s going to be so cute and funky and cool!

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