My Pretties

Take a look at my beautiful little pretties that came the other day.

Sea silk in Sangria. They’re as beautiful, color-saturated and shiny as ruby red slippers.

Ella Rae Classic in three colors: plum wine (or blackberry; I’ve seen both names in different places for the same colorway), steel grey, and lemon-lime. I’ve read this yarn is basically Cascade 220, and since I am still in the great workhorse yarn collection effort of 2007, I had to stock up. Little Knits was having a sale, so I couldn’t very well pass it up; could I? No plans yet for the plum wine colorway but the steel grey and lemon-lime are destined to be the vertical stripes bag from Pick Up Sticks.

It’s been busy here at Chez Dim Sum, since returning from vacation. The refrigerator went out on me, and when the GE service guy offered to repair it in three weeks for free, or $500 towards a new unit, we jumped at a new one. I had to choose my new refrigerator from the internet in about 5 minutes. Weird, very weird. I hope none of you ever has to do that, because it’s odd not doing the serious research before making a decision. But now that the new refrig is in, I’m happy. It’s stainless (or stainless-looking with a no-fingerprint surface).

The other source of stress has been this little critter I found in the bottom of my laundry basket as I was moving the clothes into the washing machine.

This is NOT one of my pretties. What’s scarier? I found another one under my bed UNDER MY ZIPLOC BAGS OF YARN! Sweetie Hubby and I have been freaking out about this, as I have been the one who has found both, and they were in high traffic areas for me. Luckily the pest control company was able to come right away and spray. I’m happy to say we have had no more scorpion sightings and I am ecstatic about that. Okay, I have to move on now because I’m getting creeped out again. Um, Jillian, I’ll take pictures of your praying mantis over this any day!

Have a great weekend!

13 responses to “My Pretties

  1. Beautiful yarn, scary critter. I saw one of those last month on a camping trip – we were hiking in at night and I was completely creeped out.

  2. Sangria is gorgeous! It would make a lovely Montego Bay.

    The scorpion, not so much (eek! ew! yuck!). When I told Tom he was totally creeped out, too. I’m glad the pest guy has worked his magic already. And that you have a new fridge. Whew.

  3. I wonder if those scorpions hitchhiked home with you from camp? Better to think that, than to think you’re in Scorpion Central! Thank goodness for pest control guys, is all I can say!
    And your yarns are yummylicious. I covet the Sangria Sea Silk, and second Madge’s idea to make Montego Bay out of it. Mmmm!!

  4. Pretty yarn……not so pretty scorpion. You’re much braver than I. I think I would have taken my yarn,new frig and found another home. I’m sure spraying has alleviated the problem.

  5. Scorpions in Los Angeles!! oh my! I have my feet up on the couch as i write this. I bet they did ride home with you, don’t they need more of a desert environment? I know lately this place seems like a desert… I love the Seasilk…I have a dangerous addiction to it.

  6. And I was just thinking, really I was, just the other day how lucky we are to live here where there are no creepy crawlers and invisible flying things that bite you…………

    I got some sea silk too. Mine was in forest for Montego Bay!!

  7. Ugh, a scorpion! That is truly scary. I remember finding one in the shower of our lake house when I was a kid, but I didn’t know that it was something to really fear. Now I would be totally freaked out. I hope they get rid of them!

  8. Yikes, scorpion invasion! I’m sure you dealt with it in a calm and dignified manner (I, however, would have been screaming blue murder and standing on top of the table until the exterminators arrived).

    Gorgeous yarn! I’ve used Handmaiden Silken in the sangria colourway before- it’s amazing, isn’t it?

  9. Ooooh, love that Sea Silk!! Yuck on the scorpion – I didn’t even know what that was until you said it – we must not have those guys here. Shuddering…

  10. Yikes! 2 of them. That would freak me out too. Especially with kids in the house.

    Gorgeous SeaSilk! It was so hard to pick a color. And we both got Plum Wine Ella Rae 🙂

  11. Argh, what a horror-thing that you’ve found! I’m so scared of scorpions – fortunately we don’t get them here, but when we’re travelling, I’m always on the search for them to avoid any nasty surprises ;( In Italy we found 4 huge tarantulas in the garden and believe me, I was *so* not amused! *Shudder*
    Your new yarn is certainly a much nicer topic – gorgeous as always, especially the Sangria! Yummy!!!

  12. Nice yarn, naughty scorpions.
    At least no one’s hurt…

  13. Yikes! I would not be happy either. I’ve found a couple of centipedes in my house recently. I’ve never seen them before. I wonder if it’s the weather. Anyway, I hope the scorpions are gone for good.

    I’m off to find some of that Sangria. That is gorgeous!

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