Wednesday WIP Report

It’s Wednesday and it’s unbearably hot here. 105 degrees is what the weather report says. Yep, and it feels that way too.

Retro Redux Shrug. I’m sad to say my love for it right now is waning. The brioche lace pattern was fun at first but right now it’s the proverbial black hole of knitting. I keep knitting and knitting and measuring and knitting and knitting and measuring, and I’m still not at 30″. Sigh. Just about an inch or so more and then I get to… change to smaller needles and continue knitting the same stitch pattern. Yippee. or not.

Koigu Wristies. This is my project du jour for now when I’m out and about because of the heat. I’m just at the part for the thumbholes so hopefully these will be done by this weekend. This weekend, when the forecast is back up to 105 degrees. Yep.

Flower Basket Shawl. I am loving this lace project. When I’m at home and able to devote some attention to it, it’s my project of choice. Did I mention how much I love sea silk? Hm, I may have. Anyway, I do I do I do. I also love that Madgik opened my eyes today on how many pattern repeats are needed. I thought it was supposed to be ten repeats, and I’m just over five, so I’m about halfway done, right? Nope, the scarf size version is just 7 repeats. Hey, that means I’m almost done! Woot woot! I’m tellin’ you, she really is magic!

Um, what are those little green and blue circles on the shawl? Why, it’s a Lace Doh! moment. Witness up close…

Further proof that I am a lace idiot. When I was running the lifeline for this one, I forgot about the stitchmarkers (obviously! duh!). I was able to get the jump rings I usually use off the lace weight yarn I’m using for the lifeline, but not those cute lil’ circles. So they’ll have to hang out there until the project is done and the lifeline comes out.

Stay cool, baby!


8 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. I’m guessing you have AC to deal with those temps. We do not have AC and have been fortunate to have a relatively mild summer.

    At least you didn’t KNIT the stitchmarkers into the shawl! That would have been really bad!

  2. Har. I totally would have stuck my stitch markers on my lifeline too.

    Stay cool! That 105 is a bitch!

  3. 105? Ouch- we’ve been hanging out at 95 for about 8 weeks (we never hit 100, though). The shawl is lovely, I’m wondering if I could make it with my SWTC oasis? Hmmm….

  4. Kudos on your shawl! I love that color of sea silk. BTW, I visited Little Knits yesterday and bought some Sea Silk in Sangria and Amethyst. I bought some Ella Rae too. I couldn’t resist after seeing your pics. It was a weak moment….

  5. Your FBS is DIVINE. Lovelovelove it in Sea Silk.

    Yeah, they don’t call me the slacker knitter for nothin’…if I can weasel out of making something bigger, I will! Hey, life is short, and there are many, many patterns I want to make.

    Stay cool!

  6. Lady Misty Morn

    Ok, so I definately don’t miss the heat, y’all just need to come up here and hang out, we’re “baking” when it gets to the low 80’s. You’d think the people here have never been in a hot place.

    Hey, at least those stitch markers are on the life line and not knitted into the lace, they can, at least, be rescued eventually.

    Stay cool.

  7. My favorite thing today was when my “desktop weather” was predicting a high of 99–and showing that the current temp was 103! Guess even the Weather Channel can have a brain fade, huh? Your Sea Silk Flower Garden is really lovely. I should look to see if I have that pattern around here–I’m sure I must…I know I have Sea Silk!!

  8. girl, I am having such a heck of a time with the seasilk. I love the way it knits up but it’s so slidey that my lace project is just a mess! I tried addis (too slipper) and switched to Clover which was better, but still not ideal. I’m about ready to splurge for some rosewood or birch to see that makes it easier.

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