We Interrupt This Program…

My power has been out, off and on, since Sunday afternoon. No a/c since then; spotty internet coverage. We’re just hunkering down in the corner to ride this out. Hope to talk to you then. Keep cool, baby.


9 responses to “We Interrupt This Program…

  1. Wowzers! That’s crumby…. We hate when storms take out our power during the summer months. I can’t imagine rolling outages!

  2. oy! that sucks! stay cool!

  3. Yikes,that’s probably why I haven’t heard back from you about my yarn emergency–you’re too busy staying cool. I hope your pool is cool at least!

  4. Oh gosh, this sucks big time! Fingers crossed that you’ll manage to stay cool!

  5. gradschoolknitter

    eep! Good luck! Hopefully everything is back to normal asap! (I can’t remember if I’ve commented before… this may be my “de-lurking” moment… anywho, I’ve been around for a bit and I love the blog!)

  6. Oh wow! I would go on vacation. So sorry. Hope it returns soon!

  7. That SUCKS big time! I was wondering if any of my knit chicks in LA were being affected by those black outs I keep seeing on the news. Hopefully it will be cooling down this week. Hope you got some cool cotton to knit on!!

  8. *gack* Have you melted into a puddle?! This heat wave has been nutso. Hope you’re all okay!

  9. Hope your power will be restored for good really soon! I had outages but much shorter than yours–4 hrs one day, 6 on Monday–and it was miserable. And you had kids going back to school today, too! At least you got a little “cool” knitting time today!

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