WIP Report on Saturday

Power has been restored, as of 4:00 a.m. Thursday and almost all is well. Except the a/c. And my internet connection is spotty. It must have blown something when we got that power surge before the power went out. I haven’t had a/c since last Sunday, and still don’t. Thank goodness the temps are reasonable. So what have I been working on? Oh a few things here and there…

FBS is done, blocked, dry and off the board. I’ll try to post the final FO stuff this weekend. I still have to take pictures of the drop stitch lace tank modeled too. I haven’t forgotten.
I cast on for Ariann after seeing Jillian’s completed one. I’ve had this one in the queue for a while, and it was a what-the-heck moment. I can understand why people get it done so quickly (er, not that I will) because the one line pattern is easy to memorize. Just enough stuff going on to keep you interested.
I got to the first button hole and the pattern didn’t give specific instructions for doing it. Patty showed me the best button hole trick ever. It’s the one row buttonhole, and after I did the one on Ariann, I had to make two more on the wristwarmers. I really love the finished look and sturdiness of these buttonholes. Thanks again Patty for being a wonderful resource and for your generosity in sharing your knowledge!

As for the wristwarmers with their brand new thumbholes, only two more inches to knit and it’ll be time to cast off.
The Retro Redux Shrug is moving along but it still looks the same. Really. I’m down to the last needle change until I get to the ribbing. This one makes for good tv knitting because you just keep going and going and going.

I did cast on one more small project – the knitted jelly donut. I found the pattern through Lime and Violet’s Daily Chum. In a bit of technology love, my friend Hawaii Joanne and I had a long-distance knitalong. She even had her webcam working, so I could see her working away. (Hi Jo! ) That was a blast and hopefully, we’ll be able to do it again soon. No pics yet but I’ll try to get some in soon.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!

3 responses to “WIP Report on Saturday

  1. I see a ‘blue’ theme has started with your current projects. Very pretty. Can’t wait to see model shots of the FBS and the Drop-stitch Tank. Those donuts are too cute…and better for the hips! (I have a weakness for such things.)

  2. I see “jelly donut” and I think of Homer Simpson. Because I’m twelve.

    Whew, so glad you’re up and running again powerwise. Yay for the internet.

    Pretty shade of blue that Ariann is. (Sorry, we watched the last two LotR movies over the weekend, and now I’m running around pretending to be Gollum/Yoda – see, I AM twelve. And a complete dork.)

  3. That color your using for Ariann is wonderful!! I have to go check out that donut pattern, sounds like the less fattening way to enjoy a donut. I wonder how many calories you’d burn knitting the donut? Would it be enough to actually eat a donut?????

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