WIP Report a Day Late

What’s going on with the late WIP Reports these past two weeks? Last week, it was the power outage. This week, honestly I didn’t have much to show for myself. I missed our knitting group on Monday and Wednesday, lazy sod that I am, so I procrastinated in showing you my lack of progress. Today, I’m facing the music.

Ariann has become the sweater that gets worked on at Sweetie Girl’s soccer practice… once a week, she says sheepishly. She got a couple of rows added yesterday. Here’s the picture. Not too different from the last picture, right?

For my nighttime tv watching brainless knitting I’ve been swatching. Yep, just swatching. For the Indigo Ripples Skirt. I knit the swatch in the round, so it’s like I knit 2 swatches, right? Right, let’s go with that idea. I even hung it up to dry to recreate as much of the actual fabric as possible, so here you go. Tahki Laguna 2000, a linen viscose blend that’s almost nubby. After it’s washed, it develops this great sheen. I think it’ll look great on the skirt… if I ever get around to knitting it.

Here’s the newest flavor of the week, Second Wave Clapotis kal. You all know what a joiner I am. I never did finished the first one that I’m using some Knit Picks sock yarn on; it’s woefully narrow and may be frogged, if I could ever bring myself to rrrrripit. Now that I have a ton of yarn that I’ve purchased specifically for Clapotis, I think I can handle working with some luscious yarn in a pattern that is known for having a great rhythm. Thanks to tiennie knits for mentioning it on her blog. Anybody up for Clapotis-ing with me? The kal starts on September 23.
This weekend? Get ready for The Harlot!

2 responses to “WIP Report a Day Late

  1. Swatching is so soothing. I love how official you are with doing this one in the round and hanging it up. And I think the yarn will look great for the skirt, too. Mmm nubby linen and shiny viscose. Nice contrasts.

    Good luck with your Clap, too. I’ll cheer you on from the sidelines.

    Yarn Harlot or bust!

  2. Oh, that Tahki Laguna will make a fine Indigo Ripple, and nice color choice, it will look great on you.

    Hmmmm, another clap?….I have the yarn….it is in my Ravelry queue….I gotta think that one over.

    Like Madge said…Harlot or bust!

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