Wednesday WIP Report

New stuff going on at Chez Dim Sum!

Sunday was the start of the Second Wave Clapotis kal, but promised myself I needed to finish a certain project before casting on. I finally cast on Monday evening, and am really enjoying it, the rhythm, the knits and purls through the back loop, how the yarn is knitting up. I’m using my Brooks Farm Solana superwash which I purchased at Stitches West in February specifically for Clapotis. The yarn is extremely soft, not splitty at all, and beautifully dyed. This one is getting a big ravelry smiley face so far. I’m on the fifth repeat of the increase section, so haven’t started dropping yet, but that should happen in a day or so.

Sweetie Girl’s Mia Shrug finally has arms and the miles and miles of endless stockinette are seeming just like that.

Here’s the certain project I made myself finish before starting Clapotis. Surprise! It’s the Wobbly Tote, also known as the bane of my existence for the past 18 months it has been languishing. But no more! I love how the stripe sequence turned out on the back. Felting will occur next week at Chez Knitdevil, the felted bag expert.

This Saturday, Marie is having a crafty yard sale, and I’ll be hauling out a lot of old Creative Memories scrapbooking supplies to unload. Watch her site for details. Hope to see you!


12 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Love the tote and can’t wait for the felted photo!

    The group I knit with is having its annual yarn swap Saturday night…I’ve got my bag full and I’m sure it will come home full with yarny goodness!

  2. That bag is great! I can’t wait to see the FO!
    Very nice Clapotis yarn too- it’s a pretty fun basic knit, isn’t it. And, the results will be great. Enjoy felting!

  3. Dude, your tote is gonna ROCK!!!

  4. WOW, the Wobbly looks fantastic and it’s not even done. Can’t wait to see the FO, it will be awesome. I’m glad you got that monkey off your back. Doesn’t it feel good to finish a lingering project?

    Ummmm, clapotis. I got some Brooksfarm fourplay at stitches for another one, now you make me want to move it up on the queue.

  5. Love the Wobbly Tote! Can’t wait to see post felting pics. I’ve escaped the Clap Fever so far, so dude, don’t make me go there…

  6. ooh, 2nd wave Clapotis. I only did a “mini” the first time…then I bought some Noro for the 2nd one (full size) and never started it. I probably need to get in on this KAL…

  7. I really like Solana too. I bought some in teal at the Midwest Fiber Fair a few months ago.

  8. I love how the stripes turned out – great choice!

  9. Yay for Clapotis! I’m really loving the yarn you chose. Looking forward to seeing how the tote turns out felted – I think the stripes were a great choice 🙂

  10. Cue the music, ‘coz you’re doing the Wobbly Boogie. It looks AWESOME.

    Way to go on achieving your summer knitting goals. And getting that albatross off your neck. On to better projects – wheee!

  11. The tote looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it felted.

    I must be the only knitter in the blogosphere who hasn’t knit clapotis yet. That day will come, however. That day will come.

  12. Your clapotis is going to be gorgeous! Congrats on finishing your Wobbly. Mine is still in hibernation. sigh.

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