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Halloween Wednesday WIP Report

Alas, I’m sorry to report that I should be so much farther along on Juliet than I am. I hit a snafu this weekend when I was doing the set up rows before the lace portion. My stitch count got off, and I didn’t realize it until after finishing row one of the lace repeat. That meant ripping back a few rows and having to count and recount. I’m sure you know the drill. I didn’t feel like doing all that and I didn’t feel like casting on anything new. All this was evidenced by the fact that whenever I would pick up the project, I would doze off. I’m happy to report that I finally got past that part and have finished the first lace repeat. I’m using Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky, and I have to say, man oh man, is this yarn heavy! It’s getting a bit… well, you know… bulky, and ungainly on the needles. I want to hurry up and finish this one, but the awkwardness is slowing me down. I think I just suck it up and gotta power through this one.

The Mia Shrug saw a bit of action last week on Sweetie Boy’s field trip. Three hours round trip on a charter bus with a seat row all to myself, and the kids quietly watching a DVD. Not too shabby. I made enough progress to the point where I bound off the neck stitches. It stills looks the same, except the there’s more knitted fabric curled around the needles. And there she sits until… who knows when.

In honor of Halloween, I’m casting on a new project. Heh, good one, huh? Feel free to borrow that line whenever you want. I’m casting on the long awaited Scribble Lace scarf from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I’m using Scout’s sock yarn in the Bonne Marie colorway (black, white and grey) from her 2006 Scout Swag Club and Valley Yarns Shelburne (I think) in black. Hopefully, a mindless knitting project to keep me company for today.

ETA: I cast on and did a few repeats of the Scribble Lace scarf today and frogged it. The size 15 needles weren’t big enough with the fingering weight yarn, and the Shelburne wasn’t bulky enough, and all the colors just ran together. Oh Boo, I say! I can easily repurpose the bulky yarn into a hat but will have to let the sock yarn stew a bit longer in the stash until some fabulous ideas strikes me.

Here’s a little peek at the spookiness at our house this morning before school.

Still Life

Action shot. Walk like an Egyptian.

Close up of the make up effects. She was so uncomfortable with the feel of the make up. I’m hoping this turns her off of make up until she’s 21.

Madgik’s having a contest, so be sure to enter your comment before midnight. Have an extra spooky Halloween!

Wednesday WIP Report

You know it’s Wednesday when you see a WIP Report here. Not that it’s all that exciting, but it gives me something to think about in the middle of the week.

Today’s round up will feature projects of past and present. Let’s start with the past. You may or may not remember this scarf I knit over the holidays last Christmas. I kind of snuck it by in a post at the end of the year. I mentally dubbed it the Hairy Scarf, which doesn’t sound good, I know. I used some type of not-so-fun fur and it turned out, well, too hairy for me. On top of that, my gauge got waaaaay huge, or I increased a ton without knowing. Either are entirely possible with this knitter. It was so danged lop-sided that it bothered me when I wore it… always fussing and pulling and trying to straighten but the other side gets off-kilter. Seriously, lots of OCD moments for me. So a couple of weeks ago I tried one more time to wear it and ignore the unevenness but ended up tossing it aside on the chair. I decided to frog it. It took me a good hour or two to frog it carefully and wind up the little bundles. Behold the before and after.

When I knit it again (this IS a first for me), I’ll use less of the not-so-fun fur, maybe every sixth row, instead of every third row, and use up the rest of my Brooks Farm Solana (recently from my clapotis) which happen to be in the same tones. Let’s hope for a relatively even, not-so-hairy scarf next time.

Juliet is growing and I think I only have 3 more sets of increases before binding off for the sleeves. I have to hurry up and decide whether I want to extend the sleeves longer or keep them cap-shaped. I’m still loving this purpley-blue color but the yarn, Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky, is a bit scratchy. Hopefully, it’ll soften up a bit after a wash.

Here is a reappearance of Sweetie Girl’s Mia shrug. I waited for the new Knit Picks 40″ cable to arrive, so I could transfer all those stitches onto it. Too many stockinette stitches on a 32″ circular needle makes for slow and frustrating knitting. She’ll receive some attention, when I go on Sweetie Boy’s class field trip tomorrow to a pilgrim ship re-enactment at Dana Point. Hours and hours on a school bus with fifth graders. Oh the joy. Hopefully, I’ll make good progress on her.

A big thanks to Teresa and Kate for the links to the toe-up heel instructions. I printed out the instructions, plugged in my numbers, and just need some quiet moments, when I can focus on new heel instructions. The Indigo Ripples Skirt, Ariann and The Donut are still in the smoosh pile on my chair, waiting for their turn to resurface. All I need for them is a little knitting love and mojo to go their way.

My thoughts go to those in Southern California who are displaced by the fires. Stay safe.

Hats! Hats! and More Hats!

It was a busy weekend, knitting-speaking, here at Chez Dim Sum. On Thursday, I heard from my friend, moving out of state to Connecticut, that he was leaving a week earlier than planned. Uh, that meant Friday was the last chance I would see him, and his Hot Head wasn’t done yet. So I kicked it into high knitting gear, and finished it that night. Unfortunately, I gifted it to him and my camera phone picture didn’t take. Hopefully, he’ll send me a picture of him modeling it.

I decided to make hats for the rest of the family moving to Connecticut, so made Hot Head II and III in Malabrigo Chunky and some stash Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky. I’ve just a couple more to make before I send them off.

Project: Hot Head Hat by Alex Zorn from Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook
Yarn: Hat I – Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Peat double-stranded, 1 skein;
Hat II – Malabrigo Chunky in Azul Profundo, 1 skein;
Hat III – Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky in brown, 1 skein, and a little bit of light blue
Needles: Addi Turbos 16″ US 10.5 circular
Start: October 18 and the days following
Finish: same day or next

Thoughts: I love this pattern, its simplicity, its stretchiness. It was ton of fun knitting this up, but then I always have a blast knitting up caps. If you need a quick cold-weather gift, this is the one! The Malabrigo Chunky was a dream to knit up, but the best part was how the semi-solid colorway played out. No stripey, not pooled, just perfect. Here’s a close up of the melange of colors.

I needed another baby gift, so after the Hot Heads were done, I cast on for the scrap cap celebration hat. It was so much fun digging through my scrap stash, looking for the right yarn, and this is what I came up with.

Project: Scrap Happy Celebration Hat by Cosymakes
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Superwash in red, not even half a skein, grey Rowan All Seasons Cotton, Cream and Burgundy super soft scrap yarn, maybe Cashmerino Chunky, and black Jaeger Matchmaker Aran. I realize that other than the Swish, the other yarn were all inherited from Madgik. Thanks, Madge, for the contributions!
Needles: Needles: Addi Turbos 16″ US 10.5 circular
Start: October 19
Finish: October 20

Thoughts: Fun, quick pattern with great results. And it’s always fun to dig through the scraps and come up with something visually interesting and functional. The pattern is written for kids or adults, and since this is for a baby, I decreased the number of stitches to 72. I think it still came out a bit too big, but I’m sure the baby will grow into it. I really like the knot at the top too.

After four hats, it was time to work on something else, so I finally cast on Juliet! Here she is so far. I’m a bit farther along now, having already switched to the second ball of Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky.

Here’s hoping none of you are in danger from the Southern California fires.

Wednesday WIP Report

Thanks to everybody who chimed in with encouragement about starting Juliet. Did I take their advice? Nooooooooo. I really wanted to get the baby sweater done, and today I finished it, mostly while at knitting group. Here’s a picture of it blocking and hopefully I’ll be able to find a model for it. I don’t think the giftee has arrived yet, so she may not be available for her.

Now that the baby sweater is complete, can I start Juliet? Still no. I realized that a good friend, who recently decided to move his family to Connecticut, is leaving next week, so what better reason is there to knit a warm alpaca hat? I cast on for the Hot Head hat from Stitch ‘n Bitch, thanks to Madgik’s suggestion, and it’s in its infancy right now. The Hot Head Hat is a simple 2×2 rib watch cap in a chunky yarn. I’m using Berroco Ultra Alpca doubled in the peat colorway, which is a green heather. The plan is to send four more warm caps for the rest of the family at a later time. I just want to get this going-away giftee done.

And then Juliet? Maybe not. I have another friend who recently had a babe, and I’d like to make a hat like this for that little rockin’ dude too. I guess I must be in a hat craze right now. I really do love knitting up hats because there’s nothing like a little instant gratification now and then. Maybe then, I’ll get to Juliet. If nothing else crops up, of course.

The first of the UCLA footies is crawling along. I finished the toe and up the foot. I just need Sweetie Boy to try it on, and then figure out the math for a toe-up gusset heel on 44 stitches. I was going to try Wendy’s sportweight toe-up gusset heel pattern but I’m not crazy about how it looks. I tried to see if I could easily work out the math for Widdershins, since I liked the look of that heel, but the math made my head spin a bit. I don’t do Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” very well at all, so I gave up. Anybody have any other ideas or suggestions?

FO Parade

Here comes the FO Parade. Don’t blink or you might miss something!

First up is Clapotis. Please ignore the picture where I look rather “jolly” modeling it. In short, I love this scarf/stole/wrap/thing, and wore it last night to a cocktail party. It kept me warm and feeling oh-so-sassy. My favorite part was the back of it with the ripply drop stitches, and against my better sense, I still blocked it because I needed it to grow quite a few inches in length. Once I dunked it, I immediately felt regret but still went ahead with hanging it on a hanger to give it some length.

Ridge-y and stockinette sides pre-blocking

Project: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Brooks Farm Solana (Superwash); 2 skeins, approx 640 yards
Needles: Susan Bates Silverado 24″ US size 8 circular needles
Start: September 25, 2007
Finish: October 10, 2007

Thoughts: Even though I struck out at my first attempt at Clapotis, I love how it turned out this time. I followed Teresa’s directions on how to use up most of your yarn on the project. I’ll spare you my poor attempt at being scientific, but I ended up doing 9 straight repeats before decreasing. I wish I had enough yarn to do all 12 straight repeats, but I didn’t want to drive up the cost of this project.

I really enjoyed this project for a myriad of reasons, the great yarn, the interesting pattern that gives you enough of a challenge to keep you interested and looking forward every 12 rows to dropping stitches, yet stockinette-y enough so you can bring it to social knitting. For some reason, I thought the pattern called for 600 yards but after looking at it just now, it’s about 820 yards. Oops, my bad. If you haven’t made one yet, I strongly suggest it. It’s a whole lotta fun. Just be sure to choose a yarn you love.


Second up are the blue koigu wristwarmers from a few weeks ago. I sat around on my lazy butt and didn’t weave in the ends or block it, until this week. Promising a FO Parade to you does wonders in motivating me.

Project: 3×3 Wristwarmers from Capistrano Fiber Arts
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM in blue variegated (don’t know the color number because I lost the ball band), 1 skein
Needles: Addi Turbo 24″ US size 2 circulars, 2 wristwarmers on 2 circs method
Start: God only knows… maybe July 2006?
Finish: September 2007

Thoughts: I got this pattern at our Orange County yarn crawl when we visited La Petite Knitterie and fell in love with Lori Lawson’s Capistrano Fiber Arts yarns and patterns. These were supposed to be for a kungfu friend for her birthday, but then she ended moving away shortly after and I lost touch with her. So, they’ll wait patiently for a reason to gift them to another friend. As for the pattern, they’re a nice 3×3 rib, almost a little too nice. The pattern is fine but a little boring, obviously if I put this project down for a year and forgot about them. I doubt I’ll make them again, as I like a little bit more something going on with the pattern. I’m already thinking about making another pair of fetchings for teacher gifts.


The honor of Parade closer goes to Ms. Wobbly Circles Tote herself.

Project: Wobbly Circles Tote by Leigh Radford from IK Spring 2006 issue
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky, 3 skeins in hot pink, 1 skein each of limelight, purple and orange
Needles: Addi Turbo 32″ US size 15 (I think) circulars
Start: April 2006
Finish: September 2007

Thoughts: Started in April 2006, I *hated* the yarn bundles and gave up after finishing two thirds of the first side. Through the inspiration of my summer knitting goals and the large coffee table at the coffee shop at Montrose Mondays, I challenged myself to finish it, and I’m glad I did. I love this bag, especially for what it stands for, but I really dislike the project as a whole, the intarsia, the chart, and the yarn. My favorite part? The fibonacci stripe sequence on the second side. Once I had the rows charted according to the fibonacci sequence, I assigned colors to the rows and it took me about three or four days to finish it from there. It must be the geek in me and the lure of the quick project.

Special thanks to Madgik who not only helped me felt this baby in her mighty washing machine which is the mecca for all great felty goodness, but more importantly, told me to dig in and just get the dang thing done. Thanks also to my knitsters who put up with all my whining and pouting about this project and still supported me through it. You’re welcome to haul out and give the bag a whack or a kick when you see it next.

BTW, if you’re interested in making the fibonacci stripey side of the bag, leave me your email addy and I’ll send you my excel chart. You can substitute in your own colors. The chart, of course, is from Leigh Radford’s pattern, and I take no credit for it.

Still here? Have a great weekend!

Wednesday WIP Report

I finished my Clapotis today and am generally pleased with it. I’m still unraveling the dropped stitches, then it needs a bath and a good blocking/stretching. It’s long enough to wear it as a wrap or as a shorter scarf. We’ll see what a good blocking will do to help it grow a bit. I really love the softness of this yarn and highly recommend it. That reminds me that I have a skein of the Brooks Farm Primero and have to figure out what to make with that.

I have a few FOs that are drying and almost ready to be paraded for you. Clap makes four, so there’ll be a FO parade around these parts soon, including the elusive wobbly stripey tote.

The UCLA footie is coming along and ready for its heel. Now, all I have to do is find a pattern for a heel with a flap that will work for 44 stitches. I’m using size 4 needles on the socks and doing 2×2 rib across the top of the instep and up the leg.

I have to resolve my inner conflict on what to cast on next: obligatory baby sweater or Juliet which is one of the chosen patterns for Sexy Knitter’s Club. Have a great week!


My recent order from Carolyn, the Jolly Ewe, arrived the other day, and I love the pinks and reds together. She was offering a special discount for her blog friends, and it was that easy to convince me to place an order at her shop. Isn’t it a beaut?

Saartje’s Bootees are done and blocking. One side came out bigger than the other, because I have trouble counting. It might be that talking and counting at the same time thing but I haven’t scientifically proven that yet. It’s just a theory. I also finally got around to blocking the blue koigu wristwarmers, after they have been sitting under the pile of crap forever.

More stuff tomorrow on the Wednesday WIP Report but no promises on how exciting it’s gonna be.

Wednesday WIP Report

It’s that time again, folks, wherein I trot out my projects for you to see, and shamefully admit that some didn’t get worked on at all. Those some include, but are not limited to, Ariann, and the Mia shrug.

First things first, Mystery Stole is done! Okay, not really but it sounded good right? I decided I wasn’t going to finish it because I didn’t want to knit a wing or a table runner. However, I was motivated because I really wanted those size 4 needles it was occupying to start a pair of socks. Impulsively, I bound off right there and then and was happy as a clam. I am now the proud owner of a pentagon-shaped lace scrap, so proud, in fact, that it’s balled up in a wad in the corner. But I’m still happy and I have those size 4 needles free!

Those size 4 needles are for some footies for Sweetie Boy. Remember Marie’s crafty sale? I offered to give Barbara’s leftover sock yarn, Elann Esprit, to my friend Pam who is learning to knit socks. What she didn’t know is that I secretly filched a couple of balls of the yarn for myself. She had me at, “This is the UCLA sock yarn.” Barbara, I’ll buy you a cuppa for the yarn next time I see ya at knitting. Sorry and thanks!
I cast on for Saartje’s Bootees last night with some leftover koigu and got about 12 rows done. Fun, easy, the shaping materializes before your eyes, and I can’t remember the last time I did garter stitch. What a blast! Babies are exploding around me and it’s time to for some baby gifts.
My clap is spreading (heh heh) and this is the baby that’s taking up most of my attention. I’m officially halfway done. Idiot that I am, I forgot to weigh the skein before I started, since I wanted to do this scientific-like and follow Teresa’s most excellent instructions on how to make a clap with the yarn that you got.
After doing all of the increases, I weighed what I had left, and learned it took me 3.05 ozs for the set up (I got a new scale and I’m having a time getting used to the grams-duh!). That left 2.something ozs for the straight sections before going onto the other skein. I finished up the 5th straight repeat and then added the new skein, so all-in-all, I think I’ll get 10 straight repeats, before having to start the decreases. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t become knitting’s first square clapotis.
Finally, I offer you the very best of yarn pron. Behold… Ruby Soho from Melanie of LotusKnits.
This is a beautiful, deep red, no hints of tomato (even though the lighting in my picture looks like it), just beautiful cranberry and and hints of burgundy. When I saw the Love My Way colorway at Madge’s house, I knew I had to get me some of the LotusKnits semisolid. After drooling at all the beautiful yarn she had just posted to her etsy site, I sent Melanie an email that I couldn’t decide, and could she just surprise me with some purple or red. Well, red I got and I love it. I didn’t see the picture of this yarn before receiving it, and I was so glad I didn’t because it was the best surprise in a long while. Beautiful, gorgeous, deep red. Ahhhhh…… Another great thing, in honor of Melanie’s birthday this month (go wish her a happy birthday!), Halloween, and her favorite time of year, she’s donating 20% of her October etsy sales to Habitat for Humanity. That’s right; if you buy her yarn, you’re a giver. So buy yarn in the name of altruism.

Clapping Along

We had a fun but exhausting time at Marie’s Yarn Shop, aka her Crafty Yard Sale. Check out pics at the cool kids’ blogs. I managed to make a little bit of money on my Creative Memories scrapbooking stuff I’m clearing out, and managed to spend even less (yay!) on 5 balls of Blue Sky Organic Cotton, one of my all-time favorite yarns, that Melise was clearing out. Thanks for contributing to my stash, Melise!

I also picked up two sets of dpns, size 4s and 7s, from Marie for 10 cents a piece. Both sets were still in their packages. Marie thinks this set of dpns may be older than I. Cute vintage packaging. I don’t think the Susan Bates’ silvalume dpns have changed at all in their silvalume-y finish and cute pink color. Not sure how much I’ll use them, but having a set of size 4 dpns in the needle roll as a just-in-case is worth the 10 cents. Thanks, Marie!

While people were a-shopping, I was clapping along. I’ve even done a few drops which I love the look of. I’ve got just a bit left of my first skein of Brooks Farm Solana, and while I was concerned about the final length, I decided I was too lazy to rip back. Too much to think about, while it’s so much easier to just knit knit knit. It’ll be more squarish rather than rectangular, but I’ll use it more as a wrap or stole, than as a scarf. I think I should be able to get at least one wrap around my neck, so I don’t think it’ll be that bad. Anyhoo, here are the latest pics.