Wednesday WIP Report

I finished my Clapotis today and am generally pleased with it. I’m still unraveling the dropped stitches, then it needs a bath and a good blocking/stretching. It’s long enough to wear it as a wrap or as a shorter scarf. We’ll see what a good blocking will do to help it grow a bit. I really love the softness of this yarn and highly recommend it. That reminds me that I have a skein of the Brooks Farm Primero and have to figure out what to make with that.

I have a few FOs that are drying and almost ready to be paraded for you. Clap makes four, so there’ll be a FO parade around these parts soon, including the elusive wobbly stripey tote.

The UCLA footie is coming along and ready for its heel. Now, all I have to do is find a pattern for a heel with a flap that will work for 44 stitches. I’m using size 4 needles on the socks and doing 2×2 rib across the top of the instep and up the leg.

I have to resolve my inner conflict on what to cast on next: obligatory baby sweater or Juliet which is one of the chosen patterns for Sexy Knitter’s Club. Have a great week!


9 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Oooh! So pretty!

    (I vote for Juliet.)

  2. Yay for being finished – you and Teresa hold the Clapotis speed knitting record šŸ™‚ It looks beautiful!

  3. O’lala, that clapotis is fabulous! That red will look wonderful on you. You knit that thing FAST.

    Yay! FO parade is coming! Can’t wait.

    I vote for Juliet too!!

  4. Woohoo! It looks great, and I’m sure it’ll look even better after blocking.

  5. Hooray for the FO! And it looks pretty too. šŸ™‚

  6. FO parade?! Can’t wait!

    Pretty Clap. Glad you had enough yarn (whew).

    I vote for Juliet, too. Baby stuff takes a minute to make…so cast on Juliet. Not that I’m bossy or anything. You know.

  7. I can’t wait to see the tote!

    Is the Clapotis as boring to knit as I’ve heard? Or should I give it a whirl? The FO looks great!

  8. I’m just going to echo what everyone has said – Clapotis looks great and start on Juliet. I’m going to start mine as well (just need to decide on the yarn!)

  9. Yay! I can’t wait for the parade! Your clapotis is gorgeous. Finished just in time for cooler temps.

    I vote for Juliet. What yarn are you going to use?

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