Wednesday WIP Report

You know it’s Wednesday when you see a WIP Report here. Not that it’s all that exciting, but it gives me something to think about in the middle of the week.

Today’s round up will feature projects of past and present. Let’s start with the past. You may or may not remember this scarf I knit over the holidays last Christmas. I kind of snuck it by in a post at the end of the year. I mentally dubbed it the Hairy Scarf, which doesn’t sound good, I know. I used some type of not-so-fun fur and it turned out, well, too hairy for me. On top of that, my gauge got waaaaay huge, or I increased a ton without knowing. Either are entirely possible with this knitter. It was so danged lop-sided that it bothered me when I wore it… always fussing and pulling and trying to straighten but the other side gets off-kilter. Seriously, lots of OCD moments for me. So a couple of weeks ago I tried one more time to wear it and ignore the unevenness but ended up tossing it aside on the chair. I decided to frog it. It took me a good hour or two to frog it carefully and wind up the little bundles. Behold the before and after.

When I knit it again (this IS a first for me), I’ll use less of the not-so-fun fur, maybe every sixth row, instead of every third row, and use up the rest of my Brooks Farm Solana (recently from my clapotis) which happen to be in the same tones. Let’s hope for a relatively even, not-so-hairy scarf next time.

Juliet is growing and I think I only have 3 more sets of increases before binding off for the sleeves. I have to hurry up and decide whether I want to extend the sleeves longer or keep them cap-shaped. I’m still loving this purpley-blue color but the yarn, Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky, is a bit scratchy. Hopefully, it’ll soften up a bit after a wash.

Here is a reappearance of Sweetie Girl’s Mia shrug. I waited for the new Knit Picks 40″ cable to arrive, so I could transfer all those stitches onto it. Too many stockinette stitches on a 32″ circular needle makes for slow and frustrating knitting. She’ll receive some attention, when I go on Sweetie Boy’s class field trip tomorrow to a pilgrim ship re-enactment at Dana Point. Hours and hours on a school bus with fifth graders. Oh the joy. Hopefully, I’ll make good progress on her.

A big thanks to Teresa and Kate for the links to the toe-up heel instructions. I printed out the instructions, plugged in my numbers, and just need some quiet moments, when I can focus on new heel instructions. The Indigo Ripples Skirt, Ariann and The Donut are still in the smoosh pile on my chair, waiting for their turn to resurface. All I need for them is a little knitting love and mojo to go their way.

My thoughts go to those in Southern California who are displaced by the fires. Stay safe.


7 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Loving your WIPs, as always. I would never have the patience to rip out that scarf so carefully. Nice work!

  2. LOVE that you recycled the “hairy” yarn. My hat is off to you for frogging that mess! Can’t wait to see the results of the new piece with less hair.

  3. Good for you recycling and re-knitting that scarf!! I bet it was a bugger to frog, all that furry, sticking together.

    I love the color Juliet is in. I hope she softens. Perhaps a nice hair conditioner bath (you taught me that!!) If it softens Silk Garden…it has to work on DB Merino.

    My Indigo Ripple skirt is also in a time out….it’s getting too cool for cotton wearables.

  4. Eek! Fun fur sighting! Eek! Eek!

    zzzzzzzzttt (that’s my brain shorting out after learning you’re recycling fun fur)


  5. I attempted to make a “hairy” scarf once with Trendsetter Dune; it was such a trainwreck. It was supposed to be one of those curlicue scarves, but I messed something up and I couldn’t rip back the mohair. I just threw the whole thing in the garbage.

    Can’t wait to see more of Juliet!

  6. Now you’re making me feel guilty for tossing my failed MS3 into the trash instead of recycling it! Oh well, I sold the last of the yarn anyway, so it wouldn’t help.
    I need to start doing a weekly WIP roundup too. Might help me to get some of them under control!

  7. Juliet’s color is very nice! Can’t wait to see it.

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