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Wednesday WIP Report

It’s Wednesday again and time for me to show my embarrassingly little bit of progress on projects. While some people are showing their billion kajillion finished holiday gifts, I’m still feeling a lack of motivation to cast on. I have ideas all right, plenty of those. Just not much desire to jump into the crunch of it. Maybe I need that blood-pumpin’ stress to get me started. For now, lots and lots of soothing stockinette seems to be doing it for me. We’ll see how long that lasts. Oh wait, I do have one itty bitty FO to show. Big whoop.

Sweetie Boy’s Woody sweater has a front completed and part of the back. I’m using Rio de la Plata 3 ply in Rabbit. See the cool stripey effect on the front? That’s from two different skeins of yarn, same dye lot. We both liked it so much that we decided to make it the front. For the back, I’m alternating two rows with two skeins. Still getting a stripey effect, but it’ll be all over and much more subtle, like this.

Sweetie Girl’s Mia shrug/sweater is washed, blocked and ready to be seamed. I just gotta pick up some embroidery floss to stitch it together. After blocking, the right front turned out about one inch longer than the left. The row count matched, but my row gauge grew. Easy fix though. I just unpicked the bind off, frogged a couple of rows, and then bound off again. I’m hoping to have both of these sweaters ready for Christmas. Sorry, no picture of this one.

We spent last weekend at a soccer tourney in Corona, and when the wind started kicking up, we really experienced what it meant to be downwind of the little dairy farm. To keep me warm at the tourney, I cast on for the Single Cable Ribbed Wristwarmers and finished them up the next day. This was knit with some Noro Kureyon stash yarn I had. I’m using the little bits and bobs of leftovers to make some munchkin ones for Sweetie Girl.

Project: Single Cable Ribbed Wristwarmers by Love is All You Need
Yarn: Noro Kureyon colorway #157, just over 1 skein
Needles: Knit Picks Options US size 7 and 8
Start: November 23
Finish: November 24

Thoughts: Ellen was right. These are quick, easy, and have high visual impact. I used the size 8s for the body and used 7s for the ribbing. I could have easily go down to 6s for the ribbing, since they’re a bit stretched after wearing them. But boy do they keep me warm, and I’ve received compliments on them.

For the munchkin sized pair for Sweetie Girl, I decreased the number of stitches from 40 to 32, am using size 6 needles, and only doing 4 cable repeats, instead of 5. The nice thing is the project fits nicely in my purse, since Sweetie Boy’s sweater is getting a bit big for that.

Have a great weekend, and try not to stress over your holiday knitting!


Wednesday WIP Report

Even though it’s Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and I’m not meeting with my knitting group, it’s still WIP Report day. Here’s the knitting action going on right now at Chez Dim Sum.

I finally finished knitting the stockinette body section of the Mia Shrug for Sweetie Girl. Before seaming it together, I gave it a soak and a blocking. The ends curl so much, that I’m hoping I can relax those a little bit before sewing it up. Once the underarms and sides are sewn up, then I’ll pick up stitches for the ribbing that runs along the fronts and around the back of the neck. I’m frankly a little bit surprised that I finally finished the stockinette portion. It felt like it took forever, and at the widest point, I was knitting from one end of the sleeve across the back and to the end of the other sleeve. I had to buy the Knit Picks 40″ cable to accommodate all those stitches. Once I reached the point to decrease by binding off stitches on the sleeve, things flew along rather quickly.
BTW, ignore the big lump under the covers in the background. Sweetie Hubby is on vacation today and this is what he has chosen to do: nap, sleep, and nap. Can’t say I blame him.
I’ve cast on number three of the Swirl Pool Cap, this time with some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super Chunky in olive green. This yarn is so amazing; it’s so soft that it feels like you’re knitting with something as soft as your old flannel jammies. Incredible.
Here’s a close up of the swirling decreases. The yarn looks grey in this picture, but the color is actually much closer to the picture above.

I’m about to cast on for Sweetie Boy’s Woody Sweater by Debbie Bliss using some Rio de la Plata that I got at the notorious Black Sheep Knittery sale. It’s basically four rectangles with a little bit of shaping, so I’m hoping to get this one done for a holiday gift for him.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it. I’m thankful for many things, and hope you take the time today, tomorrow and the next to appreciate the things for which you’re thankful.

Special Guests

We had special guests today at Montrose Knitting. Meet Wyatt, his sassy self, showing off his new duds, and his mom, Kille. I’ll let Madgik post the best picture of Wyatt with his little devil cap. It’s every knitter’s dream to knit a gift and have the recipient, not only don it immediately, but rock it out as perfectly as Wyatt did.

Did you say you wanted to see a close up of him sporting the booties?

We also had special appearances by Ellen and Wendy. So glad you could join us today. What fun!


Juliet got her inaugural wearing today, so here are a few pics to memorialize.

Project: Juliet by Zephyrknits
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky in color #701, 10 balls
Needles: Knit Picks Options in US size 11
Start: October 2007
Finish: November 2007

Thoughts: This wool is so heavy, once it’s knit up. That contributed to the oversize of this sweater. At least half of the balls had knots joining new yarn in the middle of the skein, so that was a big pain in the patootie. At one point, I was spit-splicing like a fiend, and not enjoying it. The lace pattern, however, was a breeze and easy to remember. I definitely like how the lace looks in the end result.

If I were to make it again (and likely I won’t), I would do fewer increases at the lace set up row to cut down on the bulk. I’d also only do straight garter for about 3 inches under the arms after joining, instead of the 4.5 recommended by the pattern. Since I ran out of yarn at the end and wanted to finish the dang thing instead of scour the internet for more yarn, I bound off with just a little bit of yarn to spare.

As a result, I think the proportion of garter stitch to lace is off. Ideally, it should have been maybe 33 to 40% garter stitch with the remainder lace. It stretched out a bit, so an XS would have worked fine. Will I wear this? Yes but I’ll always wish it turned out just a bit better. Looking like a linebacker from the back is just so not the look I’m trying for.

I’m still working on the felted clogs, and I only have to make one last bottom sole before they’re done.

Here’s Sweetie Boy trying on one of the slippers.

Camo Robin Hood.

The aerodynamic look.

“My name is Beldar Conehead and I am from the country of France.”

Once that’s done, I’ll probably make a few small projects, whilst I fight off the urge to cast on for a new sweater, shawl or scarf. Mr. Greenjeans? Butterfly sweater from Noro? Finish up Ariann? (No!)

A Kick in the Pants

These bootees are a kick in the pants! I finished knitting these Saartje’s Bootees about a month ago, and was too lazy to finish them up. Sadly, that is a recurring theme on this blog, aka The Lazy Ass Knitter. I finally got the buttons and snaps put on yesterday, and I’ll repeat what I wrote to Marie. No snaps for the snaps! There. I said it. Other than sewing on the snaps, I loved this project.

Project: Saartje’s Bootees
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM in colorway #312, less than half a skein.
Needles: Knit Picks Classic Circulars in 2.25 mm
Start: October 2007
Finish: October 2007 (knitting part)

Thoughts: I think these red buttons really make these booties complete. I’ll definitely make these again, and next time, might even keep track of the number of rows I knit, so I don’t have to rip, rip and rip again rows on the second so it’s the same size. Other than all that drama, I love these. These are going to a beautiful baby and I hope he (or his Mama) enjoys them.

WIP Report

Didja notice that today isn’t Wednesday anymore? It kinda got past me yesterday, so I’m doing a little catchy-upy.

First up, the Chevron Scarf made with The Fibre Company Terra is blocking an drying. I used worsted weight, instead of fingering weight, and that sped things up juuuuust a bit.

I took the Saartje’s Bootees to knitting group yesterday to finish up, and after sewing a snap on with the wrong side up (not once but twice! Argh!), I accidentally snipped the yarn while trying to cut the thread. It’s bad news when you got the Sewing Gods and the Knitting Gods smacking you down. I didn’t throw in the towel, although I was sorely tempted to. I just put the loose stitches on a clippy stitchmarker thing and worked on the other side. Almost done. They are looking super cutie-patootie, and if I didn’t remember so well the frustration of sewing them on, I’d say they were worth it. Next time, it will definitely be buttons with the loop at the end of the strap, just like in the pattern. Pics of that FO tomorrow.

I cast on for Sweetie Boy’s felted clogs, because we’ve got a bit of a “everybody’s doing it” thing at knit group, started by Madgik. Maybe it was her humble comment, “I can knit up one of these a night” that hooked me in. Of course, Michael’s was having a sale on their Paton’s Classic Wool Merino, so I promptly had to use up my birthday gift cards and buy 11 skeins. A family that felted-clogs together, stays together. That would be the cue for you to picture the Sweetie Family all wearing their felted clogs, a la My Three Sons. Sweetie Boy chose a colorway that looks kinda camo, so we’re starting with those. Note: I did not complete one yesterday.

I started up the second Swirl Pool cap with the same yarn but cast on 8 more stitches to make it a little roomier. I hope I don’t have to sacrifice too much in the height of the hat. I’m sticking with size 10.5 needles for the entire thing because I think the yarn isn’t as bulky enough with my loose knitting. I finally picked up the two skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky so I can make those up when this one is OTN.

Last Friday, the kids had the day off school, so we did a quick visit to the Huntington Library. It was great weather, and we had fun romping around the Children’s Garden, stumbling through the mist and fog areas, running through the mini-mazes, and exploring in the similated rain forest, cloud forest, bog, and plant lab.

Surprisingly, fiber clues abound.
And the best for last… A sign that I must get some new STR in the Ravens colorway.

Quick Projects

Fresh Noodle Beth turned me on to this quick knit, the Swirl Pool Cap, from Vogue Knitting on the Go: Teen Knits. Anytime you say “quick and easy” to me and add in that it actually looks good, I perk up immediately. She added in words like “teacher gifts” and I was all in. I whipped up this cap as a practice and it really didn’t take long at all, an afternoon perhaps? (Sorry, Beth, for my readers’ sake, I had to mention how quick is quick. Mea culpa. Please forgive.)

Project: Swirl Pool Cap from Vogue Knitting on the Go: Teen Knits
Yarn: Knit Picks Cadena in mahogany, 1/2 skein
Needles: Knit Picks Options US size 11
Start: November 10
Finish: November 10

Thoughts: It uses a bulky yarn, and while I was waiting to get some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino SuperChunky as recommended by Beth, I had ordered some Knit Picks Cadena to practice on. The yarn was surprisingly soft knit up, much more so than it felt in the skein. The pattern was fun, and quick to memorize. You knit it on the stockinette side, but then flip it inside out for the final look. You’re supposed flip the icord at the top inside out also to form a little button, but I am a bit button challenged. The cap came out a bit small, more like too short. It’s plenty stretchy, so the next one I make will be a few rows longer. It used up 48 grams, and I have 55 left over to make another, longer version. When I get the Cashmerino SuperChunky and knit one of those up, I’ll have a good comparison on the yarns for this cap. Definitely a good pattern to keep in the pattern arsenal.

I cast on for Wisp last Monday and finished ‘er up after a couple of days. After some severe blocking, She grew to about 54″ in length. I’m heading out to buy buttons for her now.

Project: Wisp by Cheryl Niamath
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Butterfly in brownish burgundyish (read: too lazy to look for the ball band), one skein plus a little from another.
Needles: Knit Picks Options US size 11
Start: November 5
Finish: November 7

Thoughts: I stumbled across this pattern while browsing through ravelry. I had seen it on Knitty but it looked too delicate and fine for my liking. However, anxiousdog’s version of Wisp did me in with the green and its more substantial nature. Using a thicker mohair on size 11s, that was just the inspiration I needed to dig through my stash. I loved this pattern because of it’s simplicity and interest. After nine rows of the lace, you get to do a bit of garter stitch to break things up. It’s a short scarf or after I put buttons on, it’ll be a stole or wrap. But please don’t call it a ponchette, kay? Here’s Sweetie Girl showing off some of the ways to wear it and things to do while wearing it. Princess Ham, I tell ya.

You can do your best flamenco dancer pose in it.

You can wrap your hair with it.

You can do your best street urchin imitation in it.

Your can dance your heart out in it.