Wednesday WIP Report

It’s Wednesday, so it’s WIP day. (I’ll let you take that as literally as you want. Just don’t tell me about it, kay?)

I finished Juliet on Monday while at Montrose Mondays with my knitting group, and was happy to be done with the chunky yarn. I could have easily done one or two more lace repeats but for a run-out-of-yarn situation. I could scour the internet for a couple more balls of the same color, perhaps the same dye lot, but that would require some energy and desire on my part to do so. So, we’re calling Juliet done, doner and donest! She’s blocking right now, so hopefully in a few days she’ll be ready for her debut.

Lately, I’ve been really into impulsive casting on, specifically scarves. Last week, in honor of Halloween, I cast on for the grey and black scribble lace scarf. Even though I frogged it, I won’t have that project in the back of my mind waiting for me to get to it. On Sunday, while poking around on Ravelry I came across Wisp from Knitty Summer 07 and added it to the queue. On Monday morning, I dug through the stash and chose the yarn for it, and while at knitting group, I cast on. My version isn’t as dainty and delicate as the one featured in the pictured, but that’s okay, because the version that inspired me wasn’t either. Here she is so far, maybe 40% done.

I’ve also gotten little bits of the Mia shrug done here and there. I had a bout of an allergy attack on Saturday afternoon which kept me sneezing and dripping for the rest of the day. When I was tired to work with Juliet’s chunky yarn, the lace pattern, and continual spit splicing, I did some soothing stockinette for a while. I have the left sleeve done and I’m heading down the left front now.

She looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece right now.

Left sleeve and left front

When Wisp is done, I’m not sure yet what the next project will be. Perhaps a few more hats to crank out. Or maybe give in to mountain of yarn I have for felting projects. Or obsess more about scarves, as I’ve been doing. Or start Christmas gifts. Oh drat!


11 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Wisp is looking very pretty! I started that pattern, but then discovered I was allergic to the yarn. I want to try again soon. Yours looks great!

  2. Can’t wait to see your Juliet! I’m thinking of undoing the bindoff on mine and reknitting the bottom section smaller and longer.

  3. Love your Wisp photos. So ethereal. Mmmmohair.

  4. I really dig the Wisp! Congrats on finishing Juliette too. I get tired of bulky yarn fast…cramps the hands.

  5. Lovin Wisp!! Can’t wait to see Juilet and Mia is coming along.

    Hope your allergies are resolving, nothing like a dripping nose while trying to knit!!

  6. Oh, your Wisp is really pretty!

    Can’t wait to see Juliet!

  7. The Wisp is so delicate and beautiful, very nice!

  8. I’ve hit a stalemate with Juliet- I attribute that to the bulky yarn as well. Wisp looks great!

  9. I love Wisp. It is now in my Q. What yarn are you using??

  10. Very pretty wisps!

  11. I really want to see your Juliet – I’ve also got some DB Cashmerino Chunky to knit my Juliet (as yet unstarted!). What’s the fit like?

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