WIP Report

Didja notice that today isn’t Wednesday anymore? It kinda got past me yesterday, so I’m doing a little catchy-upy.

First up, the Chevron Scarf made with The Fibre Company Terra is blocking an drying. I used worsted weight, instead of fingering weight, and that sped things up juuuuust a bit.

I took the Saartje’s Bootees to knitting group yesterday to finish up, and after sewing a snap on with the wrong side up (not once but twice! Argh!), I accidentally snipped the yarn while trying to cut the thread. It’s bad news when you got the Sewing Gods and the Knitting Gods smacking you down. I didn’t throw in the towel, although I was sorely tempted to. I just put the loose stitches on a clippy stitchmarker thing and worked on the other side. Almost done. They are looking super cutie-patootie, and if I didn’t remember so well the frustration of sewing them on, I’d say they were worth it. Next time, it will definitely be buttons with the loop at the end of the strap, just like in the pattern. Pics of that FO tomorrow.

I cast on for Sweetie Boy’s felted clogs, because we’ve got a bit of a “everybody’s doing it” thing at knit group, started by Madgik. Maybe it was her humble comment, “I can knit up one of these a night” that hooked me in. Of course, Michael’s was having a sale on their Paton’s Classic Wool Merino, so I promptly had to use up my birthday gift cards and buy 11 skeins. A family that felted-clogs together, stays together. That would be the cue for you to picture the Sweetie Family all wearing their felted clogs, a la My Three Sons. Sweetie Boy chose a colorway that looks kinda camo, so we’re starting with those. Note: I did not complete one yesterday.

I started up the second Swirl Pool cap with the same yarn but cast on 8 more stitches to make it a little roomier. I hope I don’t have to sacrifice too much in the height of the hat. I’m sticking with size 10.5 needles for the entire thing because I think the yarn isn’t as bulky enough with my loose knitting. I finally picked up the two skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky so I can make those up when this one is OTN.

Last Friday, the kids had the day off school, so we did a quick visit to the Huntington Library. It was great weather, and we had fun romping around the Children’s Garden, stumbling through the mist and fog areas, running through the mini-mazes, and exploring in the similated rain forest, cloud forest, bog, and plant lab.

Surprisingly, fiber clues abound.
And the best for last… A sign that I must get some new STR in the Ravens colorway.


5 responses to “WIP Report

  1. I hate when I do things like snip the yarn instead of the thread (I’ve done it a few times.)

    Love the camo felted clogs! Are you using the Fibertrends pattern? If so, I love that one.

    Your kids are so cute. They look so happy!

  2. Chevron in Worsted….BRILLIANT!! Camo inspired felted clogs……great idea!!

    You totally need some of that Raven yarn, my problem is I WANT THEM ALL!!

  3. What cute sweeties! I especially love the fog/steam picture.

    p.s. you’re going to LOVE the raven colorways. o.m.g. they’re quite brilliant.

  4. Wow, your Chevron knit up quickly. And it’s blocked already…see, you aren’t a LAK (lazy ass knitter)! It looks great in the rustic Terra.

    Good luck with the slippers. I have to get going on my next pair, too. Wes’s camo choice gets a thumbs up.

    Ravens, ravens everywhere! Yay.

  5. what cuties 🙂

    The chevron scarf looks great! I’m still plugging away at mine – in fingering weight. Sigh 🙂

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