Juliet got her inaugural wearing today, so here are a few pics to memorialize.

Project: Juliet by Zephyrknits
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky in color #701, 10 balls
Needles: Knit Picks Options in US size 11
Start: October 2007
Finish: November 2007

Thoughts: This wool is so heavy, once it’s knit up. That contributed to the oversize of this sweater. At least half of the balls had knots joining new yarn in the middle of the skein, so that was a big pain in the patootie. At one point, I was spit-splicing like a fiend, and not enjoying it. The lace pattern, however, was a breeze and easy to remember. I definitely like how the lace looks in the end result.

If I were to make it again (and likely I won’t), I would do fewer increases at the lace set up row to cut down on the bulk. I’d also only do straight garter for about 3 inches under the arms after joining, instead of the 4.5 recommended by the pattern. Since I ran out of yarn at the end and wanted to finish the dang thing instead of scour the internet for more yarn, I bound off with just a little bit of yarn to spare.

As a result, I think the proportion of garter stitch to lace is off. Ideally, it should have been maybe 33 to 40% garter stitch with the remainder lace. It stretched out a bit, so an XS would have worked fine. Will I wear this? Yes but I’ll always wish it turned out just a bit better. Looking like a linebacker from the back is just so not the look I’m trying for.

I’m still working on the felted clogs, and I only have to make one last bottom sole before they’re done.

Here’s Sweetie Boy trying on one of the slippers.

Camo Robin Hood.

The aerodynamic look.

“My name is Beldar Conehead and I am from the country of France.”

Once that’s done, I’ll probably make a few small projects, whilst I fight off the urge to cast on for a new sweater, shawl or scarf. Mr. Greenjeans? Butterfly sweater from Noro? Finish up Ariann? (No!)


10 responses to “Juliet

  1. I do like Juliette’s color, it looks great on you (and you DO NOT look like a linebacker!!!) Why felt the slippers? Sweetie boy has a very interesting new hat! Too cute!

  2. Must. Get. Clog. Pattern. Especially after buying so much on Saturday…lol. See you tomorrow!

  3. I like how Juliet looks on you- I like the way the lace starts at the waist, rather than right under the arms (I’ve seen a few that look maternity-ish and yours does not!).
    Finish Ariann! Finish Ariann! Then you can start everything else guilt free. Love the clogs/hat too!

  4. I love the color of your sweater!

  5. I think it looks great! The openness of the front balances out the weightiness of the yarn.

  6. That color is wonderful on you. Thanks for the low down on the yarn and pattern. I have this in my queue and LOVE when I get valuable information from knitters like you. I freaking HATE when the yarn has knots in the middle of the ball!!

    Coneheads!!! too funny

  7. Juliet looks great. It blocked out nicely, and the proportions are much better now, imho. It tickles me how a lot of your sweaters incorporate lace in them. Me like.

    I see Sweetie Boy is also destined for fame and fortune as a model. His mugging as a conehead? Funny!

  8. I like the color of Juliet – and yours looks much better on you than mine does on me! Love those slippers too!

  9. Those modeled clog shots are cracking me up! So cute! I’ve abandoned my Juliet for the moment, but yours looks great!

  10. It’s very lovely on you! Cute guy too!

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