Wednesday WIP Report

It’s Wednesday again and time for me to show my embarrassingly little bit of progress on projects. While some people are showing their billion kajillion finished holiday gifts, I’m still feeling a lack of motivation to cast on. I have ideas all right, plenty of those. Just not much desire to jump into the crunch of it. Maybe I need that blood-pumpin’ stress to get me started. For now, lots and lots of soothing stockinette seems to be doing it for me. We’ll see how long that lasts. Oh wait, I do have one itty bitty FO to show. Big whoop.

Sweetie Boy’s Woody sweater has a front completed and part of the back. I’m using Rio de la Plata 3 ply in Rabbit. See the cool stripey effect on the front? That’s from two different skeins of yarn, same dye lot. We both liked it so much that we decided to make it the front. For the back, I’m alternating two rows with two skeins. Still getting a stripey effect, but it’ll be all over and much more subtle, like this.

Sweetie Girl’s Mia shrug/sweater is washed, blocked and ready to be seamed. I just gotta pick up some embroidery floss to stitch it together. After blocking, the right front turned out about one inch longer than the left. The row count matched, but my row gauge grew. Easy fix though. I just unpicked the bind off, frogged a couple of rows, and then bound off again. I’m hoping to have both of these sweaters ready for Christmas. Sorry, no picture of this one.

We spent last weekend at a soccer tourney in Corona, and when the wind started kicking up, we really experienced what it meant to be downwind of the little dairy farm. To keep me warm at the tourney, I cast on for the Single Cable Ribbed Wristwarmers and finished them up the next day. This was knit with some Noro Kureyon stash yarn I had. I’m using the little bits and bobs of leftovers to make some munchkin ones for Sweetie Girl.

Project: Single Cable Ribbed Wristwarmers by Love is All You Need
Yarn: Noro Kureyon colorway #157, just over 1 skein
Needles: Knit Picks Options US size 7 and 8
Start: November 23
Finish: November 24

Thoughts: Ellen was right. These are quick, easy, and have high visual impact. I used the size 8s for the body and used 7s for the ribbing. I could have easily go down to 6s for the ribbing, since they’re a bit stretched after wearing them. But boy do they keep me warm, and I’ve received compliments on them.

For the munchkin sized pair for Sweetie Girl, I decreased the number of stitches from 40 to 32, am using size 6 needles, and only doing 4 cable repeats, instead of 5. The nice thing is the project fits nicely in my purse, since Sweetie Boy’s sweater is getting a bit big for that.

Have a great weekend, and try not to stress over your holiday knitting!


12 responses to “Wednesday WIP Report

  1. Love your mitts! And you got them all matchy! Bummed I missed you all yesterday.

  2. Man, sweetie boys sweater is cruising right along, and you also popped out some wrist warmers too……that’s some great knitting progress!!! Can’t wait to see Mia all done up and modeled by sweetie girl (aka photo ham) I’m sure she will do it complete justice.

  3. Your wristwarmers look great!

  4. Check out the matching mitts. Sweet job.

    I, too, am looking forward to the imminent Sweetie Girl Mia photo shoot. She has fans!

  5. Love the mitts!

  6. I want me a pair of those mitts! They look so cozy for Oregon’s present weather…might be next project…we’ll see. Missed all of you Wed.

  7. Love the wristwarmers!

  8. You’re at least making some progress–unlike “some people” I could name (me me me) who are being total slackers. As far as those over-achievers go, well, we can just love them anyway!

  9. I really like your wrist warmer!Great colorway.

  10. Your “slow” progress isn’t really. Mine is non-existent, so at least you’ll always be ahead of someone. 😉

    Cool stripes on sweetie boy’s sweater. I love how your wristwarmers turned out. I might have to make some for myself.

    I miss seeing everyone! The sad truth is that I probably won’t get to join in on the knitting fun until after the New Year. Even thought I have a couple of Wednesdays off in Dec., I work until 1 am the night before – ouch.

  11. OK, so how in the world did you get the wristwarmers to match? Did you start each from a different skein of Kureyon? They look amazing!
    I’ve gone down to size 7’s for the wristys and size 6 for the ribbing! You are a fantastic knitter!

  12. Lovely wristwarmers! Your Christmas knitting seems to be going rather well, I think!

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