The Post I’m Supposed To Do on Wednesday

Here it is, the late one again. I’m still in the midst of Christmas knitting paralysis, and am continuing to slog through my projects. Woefully sad, but I’ll still disclose. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Underwhelming.

I started the Fake Isle hat and was enjoying the fair isle part and the color changes. Then the scratchy Noro Kureyon was rubbing my finger raw and I got derailed. I convinced myself that I didn’t have to finish this one off because it got moved to my non-essential holiday knitting column, i.e., surprise holiday gifts to people who aren’t expecting anything from me. Here’s where I left off.

Slogging along on the Noro Striped Scarf. It has gotten to the point where it’s long enough to get twisted up in the yarn and bug the crap out of me. My solution? Sweetie Girl’s pony tail holder bundles it all up and keeps it out of the way.

That helped for quite a few more rows, until I came across this snafu. A knot in the Silk Garden. Doh!

So now I have to spit splice it together before I can crank more of this puppy out. Here’s how she’s looking so far.

My reward after working as long as I can on the mind-numbing Noro Striped Scarf is the You Don’t Know Our Women Hat by Bobbi, the Kelly-Green Rogue. I showed my niece the picture, and she thought it’d be cute in white and white a pom-pom on top. I remembered and dug out the Lamb’s Pride Chunky yarn I have and cast on. Ahhhhhh, a hat fix.

I’m still wanting to knit hats, hats and more hats. So much so that I was spied buying Patons SWS yarn at Michael’s for a Le Slouch. Shhhhhh… I’ll never admit it if you ask me. Let’s see if I actually getting around to making it. The big question is seed or stockinette? I’m sure I won’t finish my knits before Christmas but I’ll do my darnedest. Good luck on your holiday knitting, especially if you’re in the same boat as I… up the proverbial creek without a paddle.


10 responses to “The Post I’m Supposed To Do on Wednesday

  1. Funny, those are all on my to-make list! What great taste in projects you have 😉

  2. I’m loving your Fake Isle and Striped Scarf! I just got some of the Noro sock yarn, but I fear that I’m going to dislike working with it for the same reasons I don’t work with Kureyon….itchy!

    You can totally finish your xmas knitting. Just. Keep. Knitting.

  3. Thanks for the info on the Fake Isle hat! I hadn’t seen that and I do have some Noro stuff I could use. Bobbi’s hat is really taking off in popularity!

  4. wow! You’ve got a LOT going on! Can’t wait to see your hat! 🙂

  5. Pony tail holder to keep knitting contained…..BRILLIANT!!! I’m gonna use that. dontcha just love hats, like little masterpieces! Your a better woman than me with all the Christmas knitting going on, good luck and make sure to do your finger stretches.

  6. You’re the little knitter who could! I know you’ll get everything finished in time…and if one or two slip through the cracks, well, there’s always next year, right?

    I’m rootin’ for ya. And I heart your Fake Isle hat. What were we just saying about these colors? Yummy.

  7. Lovely scarf – it’s in my queue (or at least it should be!) I love the Fake Isle too

  8. Looks like you’re making good progress to me! I really like the colors on the scarf, very pretty! I’m impressed with anyone who has more than one project going at a time!

  9. Love your projects! especially the colours for the striped scarf. I hear you on the boring knitting. Just think of the fabulous FO when you finish.

  10. I, too, was sucked into that endless 1×1 rib vortex that is the Striped Noro Scarf! Just about made my arm fall off, but they are so worth it!

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