Happy New Year!

So I’m back and I’m sorry I deserted you at the end of the year. I’m still on the Million Hat March and no plans to stop for a while yet. Just call me the Forest Gump of hats. Knitting and knitting hats until I can’t remember why I began or I lose all desire to knit another hat for a while.

“Can I have some traffic please?!!” Yep, those were words that were uttered from my lips. Picture this. I was furiously knitting away on my brother’s Swell hat but I decided to make it an EZ Very Warm Hat, double-sided, instead. I was knitting away on the inside layer on Christmas morning, which was beautifully quiet as we didn’t have to be anywhere until 3:00p, and I realized I did the increases wrong. I was frogging and reknitting in the car as we were driving to my brother’s house. Sweetie Hubby actually drove around the block a few times to give me an extra few minutes to finish up his hat. The irony of it all? He said it doesn’t fit because he and I are of the largus domus family. Big heads. Did I get a picture of him in it? Nope. Did I get a picture of the You Don’t Know Our Women hat I gave to my sister in law? Nope. But I hope she’ll take pics and send them to me.

I don’t feel like doing a complete christmas recap right now but I can tell you that I did make the following hats for the holidays: You Don’t Know Our Women Hat (2), Swirl Pool cap (4), Swell (1), Helpful Hat (1), Le Slouch (2), Unoriginal Hat (1), and Very Warm Hat (1). I guess that makes the number at 12 and counting. I cast on another Very Warm Hat yesterday which will be a late gift. After that, I still have to finish up the Fake Isle Hat, which honestly I’m not too happy about. Turns out that when I do fair isle, I knit rather tightly. Combine that with my usual loose gauge and I’ve got parts of the hat that are too tight and parts that are wobbly looking. I’ll finish this hat up and see if it fits any small headed people in my family, because it’s too wonky to gift, as originally intended.

What’s next after that? Another hat of course. My knitting group is doing a group kal of the Shedir hat. The pattern is from Knitty and was in their special pink ribbon surprise from Fall ’04. I actually wasn’t interested at first, but so many others in the group decided to do it, and I’m such a follower that I decided to jump in. That and I’m a sucker for a hat pattern. I’m waiting for my KnitPicks size 3 16″ circs to arrive and then I’ll pick up some Calmer that the pattern calls for. Who knows, I might actually be able to cast on before the end of January, when the others will probably all be done already.

Here are a few of the finished hats:

Project: You Don’t Know Our Women Hat by Bobbi of The Amazing Adventures of the Kelly Green Rogue
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Creme, 1 skein from my stash (yay!)
Needles: Knit Picks 16″ circ US size 10.5
Start: December 2007
Finish: December 2007

Thoughts: I loved this hat so much I made two of them. This one I made in white because my Sweetie Niece in Virginia said it would look perfect in white and with a pom pom. Her wish is my command. That was my first pom pom too. Wanna see it up close and personal? I’m very proud of it, probably becaues I trimmed that puppy for a looooooong time.

I wish I had the pom pom maker but I just used some plastic toy box that belonged to the kids and wrapped the yarn forever around it. I’m very proud of my first pom pom. Can you tell?

In my last post, I wrote how I was planning to make Le Slouch for myself from Patons SWS in cranberry red. That was the planned car project while on our road trip to Northern California by way of Solvang and Monterey. Well, I made the hat but it came out way too small. Hmmmmm, must have been a gauge issue. No problem. I gifted it instead to our friend’s 10 year old daughter who wears it beautifully. My camera battery died while taking a picture, so you’ll just have to trust that it looked tres cute.

Since the Le Slouch was kind of unsuccessful, I had to make another. I hadn’t packed enough yarn or knitting projects, so I “had” to start in on some recently purchased souvenir yarn from Monarch Knitting and Quilts in Pacific Grove (thanks for the tip, Marie!). They were a wonderful shop but more about that another day. I had bought a couple hanks of some locally spun alpaca from them for a scarf, but decided it would make a lovely Le Slouch for my friend in San Jose whom we were visiting. I was so desperate for yarn to knit that I actually wound up the ball by hand. Gasp! I know you understand how desperate I was. Here’s a picture of the skein and the resulting cute little ball.

Here’s the lovely San Jose Steph who is modeling her new hat. She is even more beautiful in person and on top of that, she speaks french fluently too. There’s something about those native french speakers being oh so chic! (Yes, that means you too, Marie.) She was heading off to Tahoe for some skiing, so I decided she needed a nice apres ski hat.

Project: Le Slouch by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic
Yarn: Indian Creek Alpacas in natural beige
Needles: Knit Picks 16″ circs US size 6 for the ribbing, size 7 for the first inch until the stitches looked too tight, and then size 8 for the rest.
Start: December 30, 2007
Finish: December 30, 2007

Thoughts: I cast on 88 stitches, instead of 68 as called for in the pattern, increased to 132 (instead of 102), and then decreased over 12 sections. Nice and floppy and drapey. Just how I wanted it.

The last hat for this post is one I made for myself, An Unoriginal Hat by the Yarn Harlot.

Yes, it is that bright and yes, I will actually wear it. Yes, I know the colors obscure the stitches a bit, but I don’t care. It’s warm hat that makes me happy wearing it. So there.

Project: An Unoriginal Hat by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Leticia in Fire on the Mountain
Needles: Knit Picks 16″ circs US size 11
Start: December 31, 2007
Finish: January 1, 2008

Thoughts: Yes, this is the first, official FO of 2008! I originally worked on this hat in Solvang and finished it up in Monterey, but it was too small. Yes, I actually knit this hat twice, which is a first for me. I used size 10.5s the first time and cabled without a cable needle. The Harlot used a 7.0mm needle, which I didn’t have, and I opted to go down a needle size, since I am usually a very loose knitter. I had a ton of yarn leftover and the darn hat barely fit over my largus domus.

I let it sit for a few days and held off from giving it to Sweetie Girl, who was singing a tempting song. She looked really cute in the hat, but I decided I wanted it for myself, so I frogged it on the drive home from San Jose on December 31st and cast on that evening. I went up to the next needle size and used a cable needle to keep my stitches loose. Well, loose it was because this is how much yarn was leftover after I cast off.

Okay, enough of my rambling for now. I think I’ve written about two weeks’ worth of blog posting to make up for my absence. Have a great weekend!


11 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. I love the colors of your unorigial hat! 🙂

  2. Oh that was close on the yardage! I have yarn picked out, but haven’t yet cast on Shedir either 🙂

  3. What a hat-o-rama you have going on there!! What a perfect pom-pom, and done without an official pom-pom maker, way to go!

    Dontcha love the LYS in Monterey. Did you hit Village spinners and weavers in Solvang?

  4. 12 Hats! You’re amazing. They all look great too. Funny, the one Leslouch I made came out too big. Gauge issues all around. Your hubby gets extra points for the drive arough the block!

  5. Well that sure is a lot of hats! But why stop while you’re on a roll? Good luck with Shedir! And Happy New Year!

  6. Very cool hats! I love the pom pom. It’s perfect! I’ve never made one myself. Someday, I’m sure.

    I haven’t cast on for Shedir yet either. I have the yarn I want to use, but not sure if I have the right needles. I better investigate.

    I’m off to actually post on my own blog. (gasp!)

  7. Wow! Great update! And that hat pattern that Bobbi designed is spreading through the blogging community like wildfire!

    Happy New Year to you!

  8. Welcome back! I love all your hats, and cannot pick a favorite.

    Love the story about Sweetie Hubby aiding and abetting your knitting. Whattaguy.

    Hope our KP needles arrive soon so you can cast on Shedir. What color Calmer are you going to use?

  9. You are the hat queen!

  10. Nice hats Mare! I have an idea for your next hat project. I’ll try to email you a picture.

  11. I love your Unoriginal Hat in Fire on the Mountain. It’s so fun!

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