Yarn Pr0n of 2008

In my road trip to Northern California and forays into cyberworld, I’ve recently amassed some yarn pr0n and am coming clean by showing you all of it. Well, maybe not all of it because one little bit is for a late holiday gift which hasn’t been cast on yet. So, here’s the great yarn pr0n opener for 2008. Behold…

At Village Spinning and Weaving in Solvang, I picked up a couple of big skeins of Hot Foot, their hand-dyed superwash worsted weight stuff. Love the colors. What to make? Not sure but I’m thinking about Hattie’s Rose Garden shawl for one skein. It’s a dropped stitch scarf, a la Clapotis, but you don’t do the drops until the very end. Hmmmm, not sure if I can be that patient.
After visiting the frolicking sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (which is one of the best
marine aquarium locations I’ve ever visited), I went to Monarch Knitting and Quilts in Pacific Grove. I breezed in, blurted out that I was visiting from out of town, needed souvenir yarn badly, and what did they have that was local and indie? They were so friendly, nice and helpful. They even gave me a free pattern for some wristwarmers. In addition to the Indian Creek Alpaca I showed you yesterday, here’s the other stuff: Mirasol Yarns Hacho, DK weight in beautiful variegated colors. The best part is the yarn goes to support The Mirasol Project, which helps the children of the peruvian employees who produce these wonderful yarns. Read all about it and go buy some of this yarn. If I had known beforehand, I would have purchased a lot more.
In addition to the road trip yarn, here are the other recent acquisitions.
Socks That Rock Heavyweight in Pond Scum and Valkyrie. I also picked up another skein of Lenore, the Rockin Sock Club exclusive Raven colorway with no project in mind, of course.
The last installment of the Rockin’ Sock Club yielded Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Bella Coola Nuxalk. I’m glad that we got something besides lightweight for this final installment of the club. I didn’t renew this year because I realized through the help of the Ravelry threads that $220 will buy a heck of a lot of STR yarn in the existing colors. I have sooooooo much of their yarn that I need to knit down that stash a bit before acquiring more. That’s why I had to buy some last bits of it. Make sense, right?
I got some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Leticia to make The Yarn Harlot’s An Unoriginal Hat; the first skein was in Fire on the Mountain and the second is Dixie Chicks. I didn’t take a picture of both skeins next to each other but I should have because they were surprisingly similar in their colors. I hope they knit up quite differently.

The Yarn Pirate’s Booty Club installment was merino/tencel sock yarn also in blues, icy and cool this time in the Icicle colorway.
The kindness and generosity of knitters always surprises me and Melanie of Lotus Yarns is one of those reasons why. I love Melanie’s colorways and cool rock-inspired names. Her Hydroponic colorway was recently knit up into a sock and featured in The Yarn Harlot’s blog, and I hope Melanie has sold a ton of yarn b/c she all good things that come to her. I asked her to save me a skein of Hydroponic as a giftee for Madgik, and instead she sent us Hydroponic and Prayers for Rain, a beautiful teal, as a gift. They’re both in the Nirvana yarn, the superwash wool. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and her name is Melanie. Thanks!
The last bit was a surprise and it’s kind of a mystery yarn. It’s beautiful hand-dyed yarn by my sister and was my Christmas gift. I think it’s bulky weight (even though she says it’s worsted) and wool. Not sure how much yardage though. I think these will make a great pair of … what else but hats? Maybe wristwarmers?
Hope you enjoyed this really big show. Have a good one!

10 responses to “Yarn Pr0n of 2008

  1. *slobber, slobber, slobber*

    Great stash enhancing. You haven’t done any in a while (sock clubs don’t count), and it does my heart good to see all your pretties.

    Love the Hot Foot colorway on the right. And what a great Xmas gift from your sister! Awww.

  2. There’s an awful lot of droolworthiness in this here post. YUM at your STR scores. Glad you like your yarn!


  3. Saw the update on Ravelry and just had to say, YUM! Me want some too!!!

  4. Holy moley! My eyes are large!

    All so pretty. What in the world will you start with?

  5. Oh yeah….I noticed all that stash enhancing on ravelry too!

    “Pond Scum” yummmmmmm!

  6. How funny. I just sent you an email saying how the Hattie’s Rose Garden shawl was “clapothish”.

    Nice yarny scores!! Loving that pond scum colorway

  7. What a load of gorgeous yarn! Lucky you!

    I’ve ordered from Melanie too and I totally agree. Her colorways are stunning!

  8. I’m going to show my knitting newbie status here, but first what a fun trip! Visiting the different yarn shops, I love it! Ok, what is yarn pr0n?

  9. Wow! Great yarn parade. I’m…..speechless. I’m feeling an incredible urge to buy some new yarn. I love it all…especially those new STR colors.

  10. I love the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and isn’t it nice how close it is to Monarch Knitting? (There’s a fab quilt shop just a block or so away, too.) Your yarns are gorgeous! I love the colors on the YP Icicle but I don’t love the tencel content, so I’m not sure what to do with that yarn. Any ideas??
    Oh, and souvenir yarn doesn’t count, either!

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